Wednesday, August 2, 2017

RADIO MARIA,Country Promoter Jobs in Tanzania

of the position Person responsible for coordination of the suitably selected and trained volunteers in the country who help to raise awareness, increase the number of listeners and support the radio. The activities of the Promoter include technical, editorial and promotional duties.

Main knowledge Have a thorough knowledge of the Radio Maria Project in all its operational aspects.
Ability to adopt methods of communication designed to
positively engage the audience (personal ability or acquired at university, on courses or at specialist seminars); good organizational skills; perfect knowledge of the country’s language and possibly another language (French, English or Spanish); ability to coordinate groups of people of different cultures and age, and with different approaches.
Characteristics and skills Identify the needs of the association, together with his/her immediate superiors. Schedule services and activities (promotional, editorial, technical) for the entire country (organize the workers called “ants”)
Establish the basic stages of the strategic and operative programme to be implemented, identifying the people to involve: finding volunteers – selection and assignment of tasks – insertion in the organization – training – supervision
– Evaluation of work – recognition of the contribution of the volunteers – verification.

General skills Ability to organize.
Know how to programme services, activities and interventions Know how to assign tasks based on available people
Know how to train and stimulate cohesive working groups to reach the desired goal.
Specific skills Available to travel throughout the country (driving license required)
Share information by coordinating actions in a cooperative context, create a good organizational atmosphere
Communications skills, complete adherence to the mission of Radio Maria, ability to work in teams
Operational activities Implements strategies with specific actions in the country.
Defines roles and responsibilities of all volunteer activities (mobile studio, distribution of materials, etc.)
Represents the association at meetings with the volunteers.
Set up groups of volunteers to interface with contacts in the country (priests and various leaders) in order to be able to organize meetings and raise awareness of Radio Maria activities.
Organizes the necessary logistics for events and promotional campaigns in the country.
Makes sure that communications materials are efficiently and suitably distributed in the country, providing the necessary instructions.
Finds volunteers to organize external transmissions (mobile studio)

To apply please send your application letter and CV to the following email address: