Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Radio Maria,Country Coordinator Jobs in Tanzania

of the position Manage and supervise the organizational area of competence. A key figure of the association (middle management) and often the link between top-level management and operations staff (technical, admi

nistrative, promotion and fundraising etc.).
Main knowledge Broad and in-depth knowledge of the criteria of business organization acquired from University studies in business management or similar.
Excellent planning, development and management skills, applying the most up-to- date methods with the aid of the most up-to-date IT systems.
Characteristics, skills and abilities Punctual, dynamic, flexible and precise.
A person who interfaces easily with management.
Skilled in setting orders consistent with development needs
Strong communication and planning, development, delegation and management skills.
Cautious with dissemination of information and internal and external communications.
Punctual in implementing tasks established with the management and in involving the working team.
General skills Three distinctive features of a leader (BE – DO – ACT) mean that the manager should at all times be capable, in any situation, of finding the best solution for all types of difficulties and obstacles.

Specific skills Be a good communicator and a good listener. Must ensure clear communication with everyone and good management of services so that the association is able to increase its value and consensus.
Know how to create a working team.
Be a good negotiator: have an analytical approach to finding alternative solution to any difficulties.
Know how to coordinate the working team: manage and share information by monitoring the progress of activities.
Be able to share and make the most of the different experiences available in the group. Apply qualitative analysis for the management of services in an efficient manner.
Operational activities Know how to organize the means and personnel at his/her disposal in a consistent and effective manner.
Plan each activity so that everyone can carry out his/her assignments success- fully.
Develop strategic guidelines and operational objectives, follow the progress of the activities and periodically inform both the management and the collaborators involved about the results.
Know how to assess the annual operational budget, taking into account the real needs and verifying the actual progress.
Have a direct and constant relationship with the suppliers of services for which he/she is responsible. Manage relationships with the technical operational staff and meet with them periodically for scheduling and evaluating the offered services.
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