Saturday, March 25, 2017

Restless Development ,Assistant Programme Coordinator (ICS)Jobs in Tanzania

Closing date: 28 Mar 2017
Job title Assistant Programme Coordinator
Location Mbeya, Tanzania
Salary TZS 17,840,260/= gross per annum
Preferred start date 03 April 2017
Length of contract 1 year until 02 April 2018, wit

h a possibility of extension
Reports to ICS Programme Coordinator
Direct reports Volunteers
Expected travel Regular travel in country
  1. Programme Strategy Support
     Ensure the ICS programme aligns to Restless Development’s programme design and strategy for youth
    employability and employer skills matching under Kijana Tung’are Kazini
     Support team leaders and volunteers to plan and deliver pre-professional skills development sessions in
    Institutes of Higher Learning and Ensure pre and post placement volunteer engagement and activism,
    encouraging honest learning with volunteers and post-volunteer action at home
     Support in developing formalised partnerships and agreements with key stakeholders including key
    institute of higher learning, government ministries, and private sector companies in collaboration with
    Programme coordinator
     Support the integration of programme learning into each cycle innovating on the design, tools,
    partnerships, and skills focus based on learning from youth participants, volunteers, and stakeholders
    from government, IHLs and private sector
    For more information on Restless Development’s mission, values and work, please
  2. Programme Delivery & Programme Quality
     Supervise, manage and deliver all aspects of volunteer pre, in-placement, and post placement support in
    line with ICS standards. This includes clarification of roles and responsibilities to team leaders and
    volunteers, induction (role, programme (weekly/monthly workplans and targets are implemented, reviewed
    and forecasted, safety, security in line with ICS standards), recruitment, training, and placement set up for
    national and international volunteers and ensure a comprehensive annual review and de-brief is
    conducted with volunteers and stakeholders, using learning to influence planning
     Identify and secure host homes and organize for signing of agreements for hosting of the volunteers
    ·&E - ensure all reporting requirements are being met as dictated by Restless Development’s M&E
    framework in Tanzania, and for ICS UK teams including lead in evidence gathering (surveys, case
    studies, evaluations) to demonstrate results and impact in your Programme, Monitoring, reporting and
    communication on Programme progress to key stakeholders from government, private sector, and
    institutes of higher learning
  3. Partnership and Visibility of the Programme
     Support the ICS Programme Coordinator in strengthening our profile and visibility with local stakeholders
    in particular Institutes of higher learning, DFID, and the private sector.
     Support in development and implementation of private sector engagement strategy with fundraising team
    and alumni assistant. Proactively identify and support the development of local partnerships with
    complementary civil society, public sector, and private sector.
     Ensure high profile for the programme is built through online, social, and public media channels
  4. Finance Management
     Ensure all ICS volunteers are inducted on and comply with Restless Development’s financial policies and
    procedures, seeking support from Programme Coordinator and the finance assistant
     Supervise and account accurately for all imprests on a timely basis in line with the Restless Development
    Tanzania financial procedures - ensuring expenditure is spent appropriately receipted, recorded and
    submitted on time. Ensuring that any petty cash signed over to volunteers is properly accounted and
    recorded according to policies and procedures
     Work with the ICS Programme Coordinator to ensure that all funds spent on activities at placement are
    spent as per policies and procedures, as that assets are used and accounted for properly and that you
    participate in and support annual budgeting, and quarterly budget re-forecasting with ICS Programme
  5. HR and Performance Management and Values
     Ensure all team leaders and volunteers are thoroughly inducted on their roles which include team
    leaders having set objectives, and meet their targets in reference to programme and team planning
     Conduct bimonthly volunteer welfare support/ visits and report on welfare as required by ICS. Making
    regular weekly field visits to each placement, analyse their work and provide constructive feedback,
    coaching and support and provide adequate and appropriate welfare support (medical and
    psychological) to volunteers and be available to support as and when needed
     Ensure volunteer discipline cases follow procedure and are communicated to line manager and/or
    referred up as appropriate to the management team
     Serve as a role model at all times, personally embodying Restless Development’s mission and values,
    whilst helping to ensure that Restless Development’s code of conduct, policies and standards are
    understood by all and adhered to in practice
  6. Other
     Other duties as required.
     You may occasionally be required to work on weekends and/or public holidays, for which time off in lieu
    will be granted
How to apply:
Please visit our website,, complete an Online Application Form by 5pm local time, 28th March 2017. Please note that we do not accept CVs, resumes or covering letters and will not accept any applications after the close date.


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