Monday, February 13, 2017

Russian Government Scholarships For Tanzanians

1.0. Fields of study
1.1. Undergraduate Studies
· Civil Engineering
· Mechanical Engineering
· Electronics Engineering
· Oil and Gas Sciences and Engineering
· Computer Science and Engineering

· BSc Education
· Nuclear Technology
1.2. Masters Programmes in
· Geosciences and Earth Science
· Nuclear Sciences and Technology

2.0. Qualifications
For undergraduate applicants one must be:
· A holder of an Advanced Secondary Education Certificate; or
· A Diploma holder with a GPA of not less than 3.0 in related fields

For masters applicants one must have:
· A bachelor’s degree of GPA not less than 3.5 in related fields.

Applicants must:-
· Submit Certified copies of Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education or Certified Copies of Diploma.
· Submit Certified copies of Ordinary Certificate of Secondary Education.
· Photocopies of birth certificates
· Submit certified copies of academic certificate and transcript (for Masters applicants)
· Submit a copy of passport.
4.0. Obligations of the nominated candidates:
· Purchase their own air ticket to Russia and back home after completion of studies.
· Have a minimum living expenses in Russia of at least US $ 250 per month
· Have at least US$ 250 to covers expenses for travelling within Russia.
· Pay US $ 250 for obtaining medical insurance policy per year

5.0. Support of the Russian Government
· Tuition fees for the selected students
· Accommodation in Student hostels
· Modest monthly allowance of US $100 per month
· Discounted in public transport.

6.0. All application letters with their attachments should be addressed and sent to:
(a) The Executive Secretary
Tanzania Commission for Universities
P.O. Box 6562,
DAR ES SALAAM, through the following e-mail

(b) The Russian Embassy through the following e- mail:

7.0. Deadline for Submission:
Not later than 20th February, 2017.

Issued by
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
P.O. Box 9121,

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