Sunday, January 29, 2017

UN Children's Fund,Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning for the Satellite Pilot and Expansion

Closing date: 13 Feb 2017
UNICEF aims to establish an institutional contract with an M&E firm for MEL activities for satellite pre-primary, including national tool development, and monitoring and data collection for the in Mbeya region, which requires technical expertise and staff time beyond the capabilities of UNICEF.
Tasks and Methodology
The M&E firm will be expected to complete t
he MEL activities as specified below, with maximum collaboration with regional and district government to build ownership and capacity on the satellite/early learning monitoring data and systems.
Activities and Deliverables:
The proposed contract would cover a preliminary data collection at the end of the initial learning pilot of the 2016 school year, and the preparation and implementation of data collection throughout the formal pilot of the 2017 school year. Below are the activities and deliverables for the proposed contract. Note that all deliverables are final versions (based on first drafts shared, feedback incorporated and finalized). Also note that the role of the M&E firm is simultaneously to be accountable for quality data and analysis to guide learning about the satellite pilot, and to build capacity and ownership within the government to facilitate continued government engagement in this initiative moving forward. All reports are expected to present information and analysis clearly and concisely so as to make the reports accessible and engaging to diverse stakeholders, notably including government officials, as well as to UNICEF and partners seeking to draw clear and conclusive data and findings from the report. All dates are approximate.
How to apply:
Interested institutions to contact procurement/supply team, UNICEF Tanzania to receive a bid document through the below email contacts: and
Kindly provide a summary profile of your organization/institution and a capacity statement to be reviewed before the bid document is shared.
The bid submission deadline is now 13 February 2017 at 10:00hrs GMT+3

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