Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The World Wide Fund for Nature,Wildlife Species Conservations Expert Jobs in Tanzania

WWF has deep roots in Tanzania and is respected for its longstanding
experience, knowledge, and programs as a leader in wildlife
conservation. The *Wildlife Species Conservation Officer* will have the
ability and motivation to harness WWF’s considerable strengths

and draw
from the global approaches, tools, and resources WWF can bring to the
wildlife conservation challenges Tanzania is facing (including TRAFFIC,
the Wildlife Crime Initiative, the zero-poaching framework, leadership
in community-based conservation, and trans-boundary reach of WWF).
The successful candidate will bring strategic leadership in developing
WWF’s wildlife conservation efforts and positioning the organization to
deliver significant conservation impacts. Key functional areas for this
position are:
1) Strategic Planning, Research, and Monitoring: Informing and
influencing the elephant and rhino conservation management strategies,
plans, policies, and resource flows of targeted partners and
stakeholders – including NGOs, government, and international cooperation
agencies. Identifying needs and gaps for wildlife research and
monitoring, and marshaling resources to address them. (Lead role.)
2) Law Enforcement and Anti-Poaching: Strengthening law enforcement
and anti-poaching activities of key partners and stakeholders by
bringing support for improved surveillance, inspections, trans-boundary
collaboration, judicial action, and intelligence. (Lead role.)
3) Community Based Resource Management: Scaling up community based
approaches to wildlife and forest management to empower communities as
managers and beneficiaries of wildlife and resource stewardship and to
reduce degradation of critical habitats.
4) Trafficking and Demand Reduction: Engaging with the WWF Network and
external partners on reducing demand for ivory and other illegal
wildlife products though market led approaches, public awareness
campaigning, advocacy, and enhanced international cooperation. The
position will contribute to this work by sharing lessons, research, and
experience from Tanzania.
– High level of wildlife conservation expertise with experience in one
or more of the following areas – protected area management,
anti-poaching, wildlife management and monitoring, community-based
– Previous experience in priority African elephant (and rhino)
countries or landscapes with knowledge of policy, management,
sustainable use, and wildlife crime issues impacting their conservation.
– Ability to design and manage wildlife conservation programs.
Practical understanding of field conditions and field implementation
challenges with the ability to
– Excellent strategic skills.
– Ability to fundraise.
– Ability to build external partnerships, strengthens capacity, and
builds teamwork.

-Additional information, including Terms of Reference, can be obtained
at the offices of WWF Tanzania Country Office in Dar es Salaam.

Applications must include a complete CV with full contact details of
three referees and should be addressed to the People & Organization
Development Manager through ,hresources@wwftz.org
mailto:hresources@wwftz.org by Tuesday, 11th October 2016 at 4:30
pm. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and the interviews
will take place in Dar es Salaam.

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