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Horizont3000,Financial Statement Audit Jobs in Tanzania

Closing date: 30 Oct 2016
For Annual External Audit 2016 Funding Framework
HORIZONT3000 – Austrian Organisation for Development Co-operation requests technical and financial proposals for t
he audit of projects funded by the Austrian Development Co-operation and HORIZONT3000 member organisations namely; BSI Innsbruck; DKA Austria, Kfw WHG, KMB and Caritas Austria;
This document constitutes a Request for Proposals (RFP)-for prequalification of audit firms, to be received from qualified audit firms to perform the Scope of Work set forth herein in the TOR. Offerors are strongly encouraged to carefully read the entire request for proposal.
About HORIZONT3000
HORIZONT3000 is an Austrian NGO working in the area of development cooperation. With the mandate of its member organisations of the catholic development sector, HORIZONT3000 specialize in the monitoring and implementation of projects as well as provision of experts in developing countries. The Regional Office in East Africa is located in Kampala, and oversees projects in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania in the sectors of: Sustainable Use of Natural Resources; Integrated Rural Development, and; Peace Building, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights, with Capacity Building as a cross cutting sector. For more details about Horizont3000, visit
Subject of auditing:
1.      The financial statement accounting for project funds (including assets and/or donations in kind) provided by HORIZONT3000 to the project partner (implementing partners, e.g NGO, church based organisations etc)
2.      The internal accounting and administrative control system operated by the project partner
3.      Compliance by the project partner with relevant local laws and regulations
4.      Compliance by the project partner with the instructions on handling and administration of project funds issued by HORIZONT3000, annex 2 of the project agreement, specifically check if double entry financial management and 4-eye principle is applied throughout.
The audit shall be conducted in accordance with international standards of auditing and shall include such tests and procedures as the auditor considers necessary to enable them express their opinion.
Scope of the audit and related audit procedures
The audit shall include but is not necessarily limited to:
1.      Confirmation that the overall financial statement is in agreement with the books of account.
2.      Reconciliation of expenditure with the project budget.
3.      Confirmation that all funds sent by HORIZONT3000 to the project partner were received and correctly recorded
4.      An examination of a representative sample of expenditure to confirm its validity, authenticity and support
· accuracy of vouchers, accounts and cost centres
· examination that all vouchers are in accordance with the project description
· examination that all vouchers are in accordance with the subject of budget position
· accruals for audit fees and others have to be considered
· arithmetical accuracy of vouchers, accounts and cost centres
1.      A review of the system of internal accounting and administrative control procedures to confirm their adequacy and effectiveness
2.      A review of management’s compliance with applicable local laws, regulations
3.      A review of management’s compliance with HORIZONT3000’s rules and regulations for handling and administration of project’s funds, for example:
· in the books if necessary correction of the opening balances according to the last audit report
· examination whether expenditures vouchers which have not been paid are entered in "accounts payable" column
1.      Information on the precise location of the original documentary evidence, for use in the event of checks by the Austrian Court of Auditors.
2.      Physical spot checks (existence, conformity) of the Project.
3.      The auditors should mark on all the supporting vouchers to show evidence of verification.
4.      Review of the draft financial policy and recommendation
The audit report should comprise
  1. Report on the financial statement
· audit opinion
· overall financial statement for the period of auditing signed by the official representative of the local project partner
· A comparison of expenses paid per project year to the approved overall project’s budget.
· statements of bank accounts (including bank reconciliation statement) and minutes of cash count
· analysis: fixed assets (including movable and immovable goods and vehicles exceeding a value of original purchase cost of Euro 400,--), receivables and payables
· accounting policies: accounting convention, expenditure and income, foreign exchange
1.      Comments on internal control and recommendations for improvements
2.      Detail assessment to which extend recommendation from last year’s audit are implemented
3.      Comments on compliance with local laws, rules and regulations
4.      Analysis of tax payment according to national regulations, specifically taxes of consultancy services.
5.      Comments on compliance with HORIZONT3000’s rules and regulations on administration of project funds and expenses.
6.      The auditor shall attach to the audit report a detailed list of all expenditures and vouchers of the period with classification to the sub-budget lines.
Location of projects
Lot no
7 projects, located in the following districts, Gulu, Kitgum, Busia, Iganga, Tororo, Masaka, Kampala and Buikwe
5 projects located in Mbeya, Dar-es-Salam, Karagwe, Kyerwa, Kilindi, Morogoro, Chunya and Momba Districts,
2 projects in Turkana, Bungoma, Trans-Nzoia and Kakamenga Counties
Submission instruction
Proposals should provide a straightforward, thoughtful and a concise description of the firm’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP.
Firms submitting a proposal in response to this RFP will be required to be available for an interview to discuss the scope of their proposal. This interview may provide an opportunity for the firms to clarify or elaborate on the proposal but will in no way change the original submission.
Interested firms are invited to submit proposals that contain the following information:
1.      Registration
2.      Copy of valid Registration as Certified Public Accountant
3.      Proof of Compliance with the International Standards on Auditing and other IAASB pronouncements adopted by ICPAU.
4.      Experience of the Firm
5.      A history of the firms experience providing similar services to not for profit organisations/International NGOs and NGOs in East Africa
6.      Overall proposal costs
7.      A proposed fee structure for the service including standard billing of all personnel expected to be assigned to the engagement. Although the proposed fees will be taken into account the organisation reserves the right to negotiate a lower or different fee structure during the offer process
8.      Contact information: On the cover page of your proposal please include the following
9.      The firms name in letter head
10. The firms responsible contact person
11. Telephone/fax number and email address for firm principals and individuals working on the organisations proposal
12. The mailing address of the firms
13. Engagement staffing and methodology
14. Identify the partner, manager/person in charge who will be assigned to work with us should your bid be successful and provide current resume of each staff
15. Describe how your firm will approach the audit of the organizations, including any area that will receive primary emphasis as well as the audit approach employed
16. Include firms Legal registration information
17. Final submission The technical and financial proposals should be submitted by email as PDF attachments on October 3th 2016, 12:00 hours EAT.
How to apply:
mail to:
Jennifer Okusia Senior Programme Officer Finance Projects, East Africa

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