Wednesday, August 31, 2016

King Baudouin Foundation Grants for Developing Countries Students in Belgium

Scholarships Elisabeth & Amelie Fund - Grants for students from developing countries studying in Belgium

What is it about?
The Elisabeth & Amelie Fund aims to instigate a new form of support for sustainable water management in developing co
untries by financing on-the-spot internships for students from developing countries who are studying in Belgium.

Here, the Elisabeth & Amelie Fund takes into consideration an integrated approach to water management that includes technical and/or sociological aspects.

The internship will take place in a developing country (the student’s country of origin or another country). It will be tied to a master’s thesis or an equivalent) and under the responsibility ... more
Who is it for?
Students from developing countries who are studying for a master’s level degree (master’s, specialisation master’s or a second bachelor’s degree) that is linked to water management.

Selection criteria

How to submit your application
  • Download the annex(es) that have to be completed for your application form
  • If you are not very familiar with computers: 02-500 4 555 or

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