Saturday, August 6, 2016

Four-Year Fully Funded PhD Studentship at University College London in UK


The way that EPSRC funding for doctoral training works, is that we issue block grants to particular universities via Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs), Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) or Industrial CASE (ICASE). The universities then manage the recruitment and selection of students to the projects that will be funded. For details on how to apply, eligibilit
y and criteria for selection, you must approach the relevant University.

Information about help and advice available to EPSRC-funded students.
Guidance for current EPSRC students, Opportunities for international students, Student eligibility, A statement of expectations for Research Council-funded students, Flexibility tosupport the very best students …

Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP)

Each year EPSRC awards four-year Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP), formally known as DTG or DTA, to institutions based on their research grant income.
EPSRC Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTP), Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) 50% rule, Flexibility in doctoral partnerships, Length of PhD studentships, Disabled students allowance …

Collaborative training

Navigational page for EPSRC's collaborative training section within the studentships section.
Industrial doctoralcentres, Collaborative training accounts, Industrial CASE, Engineering doctorate

Centres for Doctoral Training

EPSRC-funded centres bring together diverse areas of expertise to train engineers and scientists. They aim to create new working cultures, build relationships between teams in universities and forge lasting links with industry.
Centres starting 2013 / 14, Centresstarting pre-2013, EPSRC monitoring and evaluation framework for the portfolio of Centres for Doctoral Training (2016/17), 2013 CDT exercise, 2011 mid-term review

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