Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Future Warriors Project,Jobs in Tanzania

We are an Australian and Tanzanian based not-for-profit that delivers grassroots programs and services to support Maasai communities to face the challenges of the modern world. We are looking for a down-to-earth, innovative and professional person with vision, energy and great teamwork skills to help us implement the project. The role will give you genuine opportunity to influence the capacity of Maasai to successfully participate in the Tanzanian tourism market. Based in Arusha with extensive travel to Maasai communi
ties, you will work with knowledgeable local staff and the FWP CEO to:
visit and analyse the cultural and environmental tourism product opportunities and market needs/concerns of a range of Maasai villages
design and deliver workshops with the project team that will help improve the knowledge and skills of local villages to best deliver cultural and environmental tourism services, and
design and write, in tandem with local villages and the project team, short brochures and itineraries that can be used to market what they have to offer.

We are looking for someone who has a clear vision for how this project could work, who respects and values consultative approaches and the knowledge of the local project team. On a personal level, we are looking for someone who has:
Capacity to commit time to us for at least 6-8 months, commencing in late August/early Sept 16
Travelled extensively and has the ability to use this experience to make suggestions for improving local environmental and cultural tourism offerings
Empathy, good listening skills, and the ability to work effectively with others and across cultural boundaries
Enthusiasm, creativity and capacity to work from a blank slate to develop and deliver outcomes Ability to design and develop brochures and itineraries that can be used by the travel industry
Ability to design, present and deliver training and/or workshops
Project management skills, with the ability to deliver within project timeframes and budget
Good level of fitness with the ability to work in remote locations with limited comforts
Patience and flexibility, with an understanding of the complexities of working in remote settings in developing countries and with traditional minority cultures.
We are open to working with people from a range of professional backgrounds. We would be particularly interested in hearing from you if  experience working with
oyou can tick a few of the following boxes:   experience creating aocommunities to design and deliver projects   experience workingoproject vision, and designing and implementing it  oor living with the Maasai people, or an Indigenous or minority culture  qualifications and/or work experience in the community development,  a love ofotourism, customer service and/or environmental industries   experience with marketing, PRointernational travel, nature and culture   experience living and working inoand/or writing for various purposes  countries where the people have different culture and language to you.
This is an opportunity to play a key role in a project that will potentially have the influence to change communities. In return for your commitment, we will provide:
a $US600 per month cash allowance
Transport, accommodation and meal allowances or meals for field trips to villages
An officedesktop computer and internet connection
Settling in advice, assistance to find accommodation in Arusha and other orientation support.
You will be required to provide your own airfares, travel and health insurance, and visa if you are not already based in Tanzania.

Please write to us a letter about your interest in and suitability for the role, and send us your CV tovolunteer@futurewarriorsproject.org. For more information about our organisation please visitwww.futurewarriorsproject.org or www.facebook.com/Warriorsproject.

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