Monday, July 18, 2016

AfyaCall,Medical Officers Jobs in Tanzania

Position Overview: A Clinician will be responsible for the overall clinical assessment of traged patients based on the nurse-reported and clients’ confirmed presenting signs and symptoms, make virtual differential diagnoses, recommend a safe and quality plan of home management of symptoms as the patient gets rerouted (as applicable) to a nearby and convenient health facility for further diagnosis and specific management. Depending on
the presumptive diagnosis but also the purpose for the consultation, the clinician may directly provide counseling and advise ( counseling, weight loss program, adolescent and sexual reproductive health counseling, menstrual hygiene, HIV risk reduction, etc.), or write a clinical order for the AfyaCall nurse officer to carry those prescribed tasks as applicable. As for the nurses, the Medical Officers will be responsible for re-traging the referred clients and decide whether they qualify to receive AfyaCall services before proceeding with virtual real-time consultation. Also, the clinician will be responsible for training, mentoring, coaching and supervising nurse officers and ensure that they are familiar and comply to the clinical and nursing protocols for handling clients and their respective presenting complaints Depending on the presumptive diagnosis, clinicians can provide home remedies, virtual first aid advise, refer to fellow AfyaCall doctors in the network, and/or immediately refer clients to the network of AfyaCall affiliated health facilities (or outside)
Required Skills and Experience:
• Medical and Dental degree preferred (experienced Assistant Medical Officers with expertise in medical and/ or oral care will be considered)
• Valid provisional or permanent license allowing the incumbent to practice in Tanzania and maintains clean records
• Minimum of 2 years’ experience
• Ability to facilitate live and interactive acute care telemedicine
• Ability to correctly assesses patient needs, signs and symptoms indicating physiologic and psychosocial changes in the patient’s condition
• Ability to effectively educate patients on diagnosis and care, and recommend remedial treatment plans (following AfyaCall clinical protocols) and advice against potential complications
• Able to provide a safe, comfortable and therapeutic virtual environment for patients.
• Capacity to monitor the safety and effectiveness of the environment and equipment, and take proper actions and notifies the appropriate parties for resolution.
• Properly document pertinent medical information in customer’s medical notes
• Knowledge of and history of compliance with medical code of conduct
• High degree of confidentiality
• Excellent customer care skills
• Respectful patient care approach
• Coaching and mentorship skills
• Experience in managing communicable and non-communicable diseases
• Computer literate and capable of working in a technologically-enabled practice
• Ensures highest clinical standards within the AfyaCall center to meet and/or exceed appropriate licensing/ accrediting agency standards.
• Comfort using telemedicine software,
• Familiarity with Electronic Health Record
• Knowledge of Kiswahili and English
• Flexibility to work on weekends, nights and public holidays

To apply, please send your CV, valid license (provisional or permanent), and related certificates to

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