Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TATU Project,Project Coordinator - Women Empowerment Bike Project in Tanzania

TATU Project is a not for profit organization focusing on the equal and sustainable development of one rural community: Msitu Wa Tembo, in Tanzania.
Since 2013, projects continue to be implemented in order to answer specific needs and research is on-going to identify future solutions.

Project Description

One of the project started is an econ
omic empowerment project for the women that we work with. It consists of bike rental business and soon to be a bike shop. Women have received from our partner Globalbike a number of bikes that they are using for their women empowerment group. The main use is a bike rental business that has proved very successful. As the project has shown good results, the idea they have is to expand it with a proper bike shop. They have already increased the number of bikes and now would like to increase the services (spare parts sales, bike repairs, bike sales, rental...) in one shop.
This project activities would mainly consist of:
  1. Understanding the current status of the business, and bicycles. Discuss next steps with women involved and report
  2. Help the women with current challenges: unpaid fees, recording system, repair system, sparepart system and see how it could be improved taking into account the bike shop structure
  3. Ensure the good communication and collaboration between the women involved and the architecture group that will build the bike shop
  4. Support the women with the bike shop business plan with the help of our entrepreneurship development coordinator
  5. Support the women with the practical implementation of the business plan
  6. Support the women develop a transparent and fluid business management process with clear and regular communication of results to the wider women group
  7. Support the women with a market and sales analysis to quickly identify successful products/services
  8. Find potential improvements for the everyday operations of the bike shop and the different bike rentals.
  9. Report to TATU Management
  10. Help coordinate the partners visit with the women

Job Description

The person recruited for this role is expected to conduct the following activities
- Plan, implement and coordinate the activities
- Record, report and file all the project information
- If relevant, conduct trainings, meetings, discussions on the field
- Ensure proper communication between all actors involved
- Monitor and evaluation of the project
The project involves time on the field and therefore we look for polyvalent profiles and like to strongly underline the high level of FLEXIBILITY and cultural sensitivity required to work in the local cultural context.

Profile required

Background in at least one of the following fields is highly preferable:
- Business
- Project management
- International cooperation/development


- The internship is UNPAID.
- The minimum time commitment is 6 months.
- After three months of probation, the intern will be offered free accommodation.

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