Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Project Concern International ,PCI/Tanzania FFE Final Evaluation Consultant

Closing date: 15 Jun 2016
Project Concern International (PCI) is an International non-governmental organization legally registered in Tanzania under the Companies Act and in compliance with NGO Act of 2002 through certificate of compliance number 00001392.
In January 2014, PCI began implementation of a follow-on three-year school feeding program in Mara Region, Tanzania funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) McGovern-Dole International Food for Education (FFE) and Child Nutrition Program. The project objectives are:
  1. Improve the quality of literacy instruction through providing school supplies, establishing libraries, distributing and producing reading materials, and training teachers and school administrators;
  2. Improve attentiveness and reduce short-term hunger through providing school meals, developing partnerships with farmer groups to supply food to schools, and establishing school gardens;
  3. Improve student attendance through better health and nutrition practices and increasing community understanding of the benefits of education;
  4. Improve knowledge of health and hygiene practices through health screening and school health education;
  5. Increase knowledge of safe food preparation and storage practices through training;
  6. Increase access to clean water and sanitation services through the construction of latrines and water systems;
  7. Increase access to food preparation and storage tools and equipment through the construction of energy-saving stoves
In collaboration with Bunda Town Council, and Bunda, Musoma, and Butiama District Councils, the project is implemented in 156 government primary schools in the Mara region.
PCI is seeking a consultant or firm to lead an external Final Evaluation. The Final Evaluation will build on the baseline and mid-term evaluations to enhance learning and understanding of project results and to assess project outcomes. PCI is seeking a consultant to conduct a robust evaluation of FFE Phase II with the following objectives:
  • Assess whether the project has achieved the expected results as outlined in the results framework;
  • Assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of project interventions and strategies;
  • Measure project outcomes and assess attribution (to the extent possible based on counterfactual data);
  • Assess the implementation of the midterm evaluation recommendations;
  • Identify lessons learned through the maturation of the project with an emphasis on identifying key strategies, methodologies and factors that contributed to and/or inhibited success, focusing on areas that could be applied to similar programming;
  • Provide concrete recommendations for future strategies (i.e. FFE III);
  • Assess effectiveness of using Volunteer Student Aides (VSAs) in changing knowledge and attitudes of students and parents/communities on the importance of education, use of library, health and nutrition issues, etc.
The consultant shall deliver the following products:
  1. Design the Evaluation Methodology (framework, analysis plan, report outline, etc.)
  2. Update or create data collection tools, as appropriate/needed
  3. Quality Assurance Plan
  4. Draft Comprehensive Evaluation Report
  5. Interim Draft Report
  6. Final Comprehensive Evaluation Report
  7. Presentation of key findings to PCI management and other key stakeholders, including FFE II participants and beneficiaries
  8. A Final Presentation of the Evaluation, in addition to the earlier presentation of initial key findings.
  9. Highlights Paper
10. Complete, cleaned evaluation data sets with corresponding documentation/data library
The consultancy is expected to begin on or shortly after July 18, 2016 and conclude on or about September 28, 2016 with an estimate of 25 days to execute the responsibilities of the consultancy.
How to apply:
Apply here: https://pciglobal-openhire.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?fuseaction=app.jobinfo&jobid=413&...

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