Thursday, May 19, 2016

Glasgow School of Art Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students in UK

2016/17 Scholarship Programme for Prospective Students
The GSA is a creative hothouse in which a diverse community of fine artists, architects and designers can develop and hone their talents.  The GSA wants to ensure that becoming part of this community, as far as possible, is based on potential, ability and talent. 
The GSA has a number of scholarships available to new students who have been offered a Conditional or Unconditional
place at the Glasgow School of Art, for programmes of study commencing September 2016.
Details of the scholarships available can be found in the following Guides:
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship,
          for full international fee payers from Canada, China, India, Pakistan and the USA:

  • GSA Undergraduate Scholarships:

  • GSA Postgraduate Scholarships

Applying for Scholarships is easy and straightforward. The Scholarship Application can be downloaded here:
This should be completed electronically and emailed to
If you require the Scholarship Application in an alternative format please email

Scholarship Application Deadlines
The deadline for submitting your application is 4pm GMT on Tuesday 31st May 2016.
If applying for Scotland’s Saltire Scholarship you are also required to submit an online application form to the Scottish Government by Sunday 1st May 2016, late applications for the Saltire Scholarships may be considered.

 Please note:
  • You can apply for a maximum of two scholarships.
  • Each scholarship has its own application criteria so ensure you read the Scholarship Guide carefully.
  • Your GSA Offer Letter/Email must be submitted with your application.  Certain awards also require you to submit your financial award letter, other financial evidence or a piece of work.  Incomplete applications will not be considered so please check the Scholarship Guide for the application requirements of the award(s) you are applying for.

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