Friday, October 16, 2015

Fuel Supervisor Jobs in Tanzania

Position open for a Fuel Supervisor

Role and responsibilities of the candidate:
1. Ensures that all OH&S/QMS procedures are regularly monitored and followed.
2. Ensures the safe storage of the fuel.
3. Ensures that the fuel suppliers abide by i engineering OHSAS regulations and usage of relevant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
4. Oversees facility safety meetings and
5. Ensures that all related documentation are followed and reviewed.
6. Coordinates and assists supervisors and managers with quality assurance activities in support of the OHSAS.
7. Performs routine tasks related to controlling OHSAS documentation and related data analysis.
8. Reports any hazard, incident and accident to the direct supervisor.
9. Inspects all PPE prior to its use.
10. Ensures a proper usage of PPE

• 1 -2 years experience in similar field
• MS office (Word, Excel, etc.)

• H.N.D in Engineering Fields
• B.A or equivalent education

Candidates should send their resumes to

incase of any inquiries please contact us through our number +255789234050.

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