Thursday, October 1, 2015

African Impact,Project Coordinator Jobs in Tanzania

Public Health Project

Job description

The happy fellows of African Impact Moshi (Tanzania) are seeking a gladiator who can lead our wonderful volunteers to success! Are you a master of organization or a team leader extraordinaire? Are you so full of enthusiasm and passion that you sometimes think you might just burst? Do you have an unhealthy desire to travel? Do you dream of living in one of the most beautiful villages of the Kilimanjaro foothills? Are you so friendly you sometimes just talk to people on the bus next to you? IF SO…STEP RIGHT UP because y
ou are the human for us!
African Impact has two projects in Moshi, Tanzania. The Education Project started in July 2013, and the Public Health Project started in May 2014. These projects are based in Moshi, in the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. We're an award winning organization and we're now expanding our Moshi projects into the areas of gender equality and sustainable tourism/enterprise development. We're looking for an applicant who is passionate about development and global issues, and who is a charismatic people person.
Check out our video here:
We are dedicated to community development through the power of volunteering. As an organization, we are focused on being structured, organized, goal driven and ethical. We work with local project partners in order to support our local community and to make a real difference.
Applicants with experience working with children/adults with special needs are encouraged to apply. Experience working in the area of female empowerment and income generation are also highly encouraged to apply.
Think you're a good fit for us? Take a look at the position duties and responsibilities here…..

1. Duties and Responsibilities

Planning - to ensure volunteers and project activities are prepared in advance

-Work in partnership with the Programme Managers/ Coordinators to understand the needs of the community and to ensure activities are right for the communities and for volunteers
-Help volunteers prepare for project activities through Induction and overseeing the first few days for all volunteers
-Guide and work with volunteers to plan, execute and review project activities

Doing - day to day project involvement and reporting

-Assist with project inductions and getting volunteers settled into the activities. Help answer volunteers questions and resolve any issues they have
-Lead a team of volunteers throughout all project activities. Answer volunteer questions and work to find solutions to challenges which may arise whilst on project. Organise and communicate daily activities for volunteers based on the weekly schedule
-Build a strong relationship with project partners, listen to their needs and feedback and incorporate this into project activities
-Help in organising and informing volunteers about local tours and trips
-Get involved in the management and running of our project. Write weekly reports, assist in recording key achievements and data, and be involved in team strategy meetings which look at the future of the project
-Time for technology! Spread the word of our awesomeness by loading content onto our Facebook page and creating content for the page such as videos and blog posts

Reviewing - continuous improvement of project

-Gather feedback from volunteers, ensure you speak to every volunteer in their final week and describe the importance of giving feedback
-Work with Project Managers to improve projects and maintain high standards in our project activities
-Responding to emails from head office staff, volunteers and project partners

How to apply

Please email CVs with a cover note to by 5pm Friday, 19th of October, 2015.Please put Project Coordinator in the subject line. In your Cover Letter please answer the following 3 questions.
1.What are your hobbies?
2. If your friends were to describe you in 3 words, what words would they use?
3. What are the pros and cons of volunteering?
Experience in the areas of community development, international development, health, gender and/or special needs education preferred.
Feeling creative? Want to earn some brownie points? Why not send us a fun, short video or powerpoint presentation showing us why you're the right person for the job alongside you CV and cover letter (got stage fright? Don't worry; this is not necessary…just something extra!)
Interviews will take place over Skype.
Good Luck!

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