Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Medical Doctor Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Urambo District Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Urambo and treats all medical conditions of patients. The medical staff a
t the hospital are overworked due to lack of personnel and this is especially true in the number of qualified doctors on staff. Therefore, the workload is tremendous and any doctor who can volunteer his/her services for whatever time possible would be making a great contribution to the medical care of the Tanzanian people.
Any medical doctor volunteers at this hospital would be expected to help the local doctors at the hospital with their routine duties be it on the wards, at the clinics, in the delivery room or assisting in the surgical operations of patients plus other specialized medical divisions of the hospital. The duties of any medical doctor volunteers would be similar to their responsibilities in their native country.
It would depend on their previous experience in their chosen field, their ability to adapt to the methods of care and treatment in Tanzania and the effort and time they are willing to contribute to this endeavor.
A high percentage of deaths in Tanzania are caused by four poverty-linked groups of diseases: infectious & parasitic diseases, illnesses of the respiratory system, nutritionally related diseases and diseases of the digestive system. The conditions most prevalent in Tanzania and the treatment provided would be reviewed with the local doctors so that the medical doctor volunteer would be fully aware when such conditions presented themselves.
The hospital management personnel has requested that only qualified medical doctors apply for this position and it is preferred that they have some experience in their chosen profession. The scope of knowledge that a doctor could obtain at this placement through the sharing of knowledge and experiences with the doctors of Tanzania, is unlimited. It all depends on the doctor's initiative and enthusiasm towards his/her medical contribution at this hospital.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
Consultation With Patients
A medical doctor volunteer at this placement would be expected to assist the local doctors in the consultation and diagnosis of in-patients and out-patients at the hospital. This would be a daily responsibility. The volunteer doctor would be expected to keep a record on all patients seen.
Routine Duties
A medical doctor volunteer would be expected to perform some of the routine medical duties at the hospital such as daily rounds of the wards and the treatment of said patients on these wards, as well as any necessary documentation this involved. The doctor would be assisted by staff if there were any language difficulties.
Surgical Assistance
A medical doctor volunteer would be expected to assist the local doctors during operational procedures. This is a very big hospital and surgeries are preformed every standard work day.
Delivery Room
Depending on the volunteer doctor's comfort zone and abilities he/she may be asked to assist in the hospital delivery room. It is always a very busy department at the hospital.

How to apply

Send us your cover letter, CV and proof of education to yaapha2011@gmail.com
Call us +255789498980 for more information.

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