Monday, June 1, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Dental Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Yaapha provides care for children under the age of 17 and the poor elderly people who come from the Arusha and Shinyanga,Tabora and Kigoma regions of Tanzania.
Yaapha organization needs dental volunteers to
help provide dental care to the children at our centers in Moshi, Urambo, Shinyanga and Kigoma and to the other orphanage centers that we collaborate with. Volunteers may also be expected to provide dental care to the people in the surrounding communities.
Many people in Tanzania lack dental care awareness and this leads to very few numbers of dental patients at medical centers in the country; however this doesn't mean that there are no people who suffer from dental problems. Dental volunteers at this placement, will not only need to help provide dental treatment but also help to raise the importance of good dental care to the people in the communities they will be serving.
A dental volunteer would be expected to attend to routine dental problems and would also be expected to participate in educational seminars, as well as assist with administrative duties if and when necessary.
Dental volunteers interested in working for this organization in Tanzania would be required to bring their own supplies and dental equipment as the organization HAS NONE. Volunteers must have completed their dental school training and have had some work experience in their chosen field.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
Dental Check-Ups
The dental volunteer would be expected to provide dental care to all the children at the orphanages and should be aware that many of these children have never been to a dentist.
Raise Awareness
The dental volunteer apart from giving dental care service would be expected to teach all aspects of correct oral hygiene at their placement. Unfortunately some people in Tanzania are not aware of good dental health habits and what that involves plus the fact that they can seek help for dental problems; so this is a crucial part in their dental education.
Community Dental Care
A dental volunteer at this placement would be expected to attend to the dental needs of the people in the community, if time allowed; as many cannot afford to seek help for dental problems they may be having. The Coordinator of the organization would arrange for the members of the community needed dental treatment to come to the centre where the volunteer was located. This would probably be a mixture of adults and children.
Proper Nutrition
A dental volunteer would be expected to help to raise the awareness of the importance of good eating habits, especially the dangers of consuming sugary foods.

How to apply

Send us cover letter, CV and proof of education to
Call us +255789498980 for more information about this project.

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