Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Construction And Maintenance Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Yaapha is a non profit establishment created to provide support for vulnerable children in Tanzanian communities. We have been facing numerous challenges and the main ones are lack of funds to operate
our center and lack of supplies to keep on building the facilities for the center. YAAPHA is looking for construction and renovation volunteers to support us in many areas of maintenance and construction at the center, since we have many unfinished building projects that are left hanging as the result of lack of funding.
We are open and would appreciate any kind of support that volunteers could contribute to the center. Be it a complete project from beginning to end or continuation of some project that is ongoing or left at a certain stage of completion due to lack of funds.
One such project is not yet completed are our classrooms which has been at a stand still due to lack of funds. There is a great need to increase the number of classrooms in order to accommodate the children we support, as the number keeps increasing from day by day. The project has been stopped for quite some time and we would like to prioritize this project as the number one at the moment.
However, there is flexibility in choosing any type of renovation projects at the center like painting and/or repairs to the classrooms floors and walls.
Construction and maintenance volunteers could be independent volunteers, as well as school group or family group volunteers. The volunteers would be working with a local construction engineer to give them instructions so they wouldn't require construction qualifications; just good work habits and a sincere desire to help. However, it should be noted that any volunteer projects would require the necessary funds to be obtained by the volunteers prior to said projects.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
Mix Cement
Construction and maintenance volunteers may be asked to help mix cement to produce bricks or to use as the foundation for floors. This type of work would be done under the guidance of local engineers.
Construction and maintenance volunteers might be required to work on a painting project either in newly built buildings or renovation projects, at the center. It all would depend on what type of arrangements had been made prior to arriving at the placement.
Small Projects
By the time a construction and maintenance volunteer arrived at this placement, small projects may have been created in order to provide better facilities for the students; or current volunteers may have come to this placement with supplies to construct and/or repair desks, chairs, tables, benches or other construction activities.
Fundraising for Projects
The organization doesn't have funds for construction projects need to be done. Therefore, any construction and maintenance volunteer would have to obtain the funds prior to arriving in the country or conduct a fundraising campaign once in country.

How to apply

Send us your cover letter and CV to yaapha2011@gmail.com
Call us +255789498980 for more information on this project.

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