Monday, June 1, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Agricultural Education And Training Volunteer Opportunity in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Simanjiro Animal Husbandry Vocational Training Centre educates young people from the Maasai Tribe on current agricultural methods and animal husbandry. Through the education of the younger population
the centre hopes to be able to influence the older generation who are usually more set in their ways and at the same time, spread the current data throughout all of the Maasai Tribe.
Simanjiro Animal Husbandry Vocational Training Centre is a boarding school and at the present time has an enrolment of approximately 103 students.
Agricultural education & training volunteers are needed at the centre because they do not have an adequate number of teachers to train the students, due to financial restraints.
The centre has an animal laboratory where they do research about various diseases that infect the livestock of the Maasai community. Volunteers with current knowledge in this area of research would be much appreciated.
Volunteers may also be asked to help in their continuous efforts of obtaining adequate funds to support their vocational training centre. This organization is not government funded and the centre is always seeking new donor organizations, companies and individuals. Any effort and/or new ideas in fundraising from volunteers are most welcome.
Volunteers at this placement must be graduates in Animal Husbandry and Agriculture. They need to have a keen interest in helping to educate and support the Maasai Tribe in their activities, as well as a willingness to direct their efforts in all areas to accomplish this goal.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
Animal Husbandry
Farming and agriculture volunteers would teach animal husbandry training to the students. Volunteers would need to have basic skills and knowledge of domestic animals; as they would provide both practical and theoretical training at the centre as part of this course.
Agriculture Training
Farming and agriculture volunteers would provide agriculture training to the students. Volunteers with this knowledge are very useful at this placement as the centre teaches practical and theoretical training so volunteers would also participate in the maintaining and development of crops grown for this project.
Farming and agriculture volunteers may be asked to help with fundraising endeavours at the centre such as writing proposals seeking financial support for their current various projects and programs, as well as the implementation of new ones. The organization doesn't have sustainable funds and is always looking for new donors. Volunteers would receive assistance from the local staff in obtaining the necessary information to develop these proposals.

How to apply

Send us your cover letter and CV to
Call us +255789498980.

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