Monday, June 1, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Conservation Research And Advocacy Jobs in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS.(YAAPHA) is looking for volunteers to help bring conservation awareness to local communities in Tanzania. This organization is a non profit organization that strives to stop environmental destruction and raise conservation awareness in Tanzanian society. We have limited funding for such activities and welcome vol
unteers who are willing to help at Urambo District in Tabora Region and Kigoma Region.
An environmental education volunteer would work together with the organization's Coordinator to develop and implement programs, lectures and seminars geared at raising awareness on environmental conservation issues. These sessions would take place in Urambo District and Kigoma in Tanzania mainland including visits to village communities and schools.
Each presentation would be targeted at the conservation issues at that particular location. Presentations at different sites would be both in theory and practice,(whenever possible).
For example, schools may require school ground clean-ups, tree planting tasks in the school yards etc. These projects may include a small reward for the student or group of students that accomplish the most in their conservation tasks.
Volunteers for this placement should have a keen interest in environmental conservation issues. Enjoy working with large groups of people and school age children. Someone with environmental skills/knowledge would be a bonus but not mandatory. However, volunteers should have the stamina to work outdoors in the Tanzanian climate.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
Prepare Presentations
An environmental education volunteer would first work with the director of the organization to determine which communities most need environmental conservation assistance. Then the volunteer would work on preparing presentations according to the needs of the targeted communities.
School Presentations
An environmental education volunteer would work with the coordinator of the organization to develop and implement environmental education presentations and projects for schools requiring conservation knowledge. The organization's staff would first consult personnel in these schools to determine if they are agreeable to such arrangements and if so what school grades would be involved so that the presentations could be directed at the right grade and age level.
Organize Prizes for Students
An environmental education volunteer may work with the organization's staff to determine if some type of reward or prize could be given to the student or group of students that accomplish the most success on their assignment. This would encourage the students to learn fast and pay attention during their presentation training.
Community Presentations
An environmental education volunteer may be asked to visit rural villages,(with staff members of the organization), especially the villages near park reserves and catchment areas and discuss environmental awareness issues that are pertinent to that location with the people and perhaps some possible approaches to solutions in the problem areas.

How to apply

Send us your cover letter and CV to
Call us +255789498980 for more infromation on this project.

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