Monday, June 1, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Administrative Assistant Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Yaapha works with pastoralist and nomad farmers, as well as other vulnerable groups in Tanzania. YAAPHA needs database development volunteers to help with the general computer work at our office as we lack IT experts due to financial restraints.
The work that volunteers would be doing at our organization would include website developing and editing, c
reating newsletters and managing the computer database. Database development volunteers would be asked to develop and implement an electronic library for primary and secondary schools to use in the Maasai areas. The volunteers would be asked to create an electronic school study system.
They would create a cord which would allow the Maasai people to access books in the computer. This method would help the students and teachers in the schools, as well as the people in the communities that are unable to afford a library in their area.
The volunteers would work with local staff who would provide the current information to develop and edit their website. Other tasks would include networking and any other IT work that the organization requires.
Volunteers with lots of enthusiasm and creativity; with IT expertise and experience, as well as people who enjoy working with individuals from different cultures would find this placement to be a truly fantastic and enriching experience.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
  • Database
A database development volunteer would be required to assist in developing as well as, managing and maintaining the organization's database of our computer systems. The staff would help to provide you with information necessary to accomplish this task.
  • Website Editing
An IT volunteer would be expected to help out with the organization's website editing. The volunteer would do a day by day visit to the site and do any necessary editing and updates, as well as add new photos etc.
  • Create Newsletters
A database development volunteer may be asked to produce newsletters for the organization. These newsletters may contain information about programs they have just completed, currently developing or active at the present time. The newsletters may also be about other information that the organization would like to provide to various organizations or individuals.
  • Network System
A database development volunteer would be expected to create a network system on the computer that would enable the organization's staff to communicate between the different lodges.
  • Develop Electronic Library
The organization needs a database development volunteer with IT expertise to help them establish an electronic library for the Maasai communities and schools. One of the tasks would include creating a primary and secondary school syllabus in the computer system to be accessed by students and teachers.

How to apply

Send us cover letter and CV .
send to or call +255789 498980.

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