Monday, June 1, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Computers Skills Training Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS.(YAAPHA) Open Door Training Centre offers vocational training to yo
ung girls who have been living in vulnerable situations.
YAAPHA Open Door Training Centre is looking for volunteers with advanced or basic computer skills who are willing to share their knowledge teaching groups of young girls computer technology that would increase their ability to obtain a higher level of employment, thus better paying jobs.
This organization has dedicated some of their financial and teaching efforts in providing a computer training skills course to these vulnerable young girls. Right now they have one computer teacher who is providing computer lessons to a group of 45 young girls who are at the centre, (these numbers fluctuate each semester).
The main work that a volunteer computer teacher would be doing at this placement would be to assist in computer lessons based on the topics that the centre has developed and in accordance with the level of each class taught.
Volunteer computer teachers are needed to teach basic to advanced computer skills to the students. This may involve lessons from simple keyboarding to challenging computer programs. Basic skills would include computer knowledge such as: sending and receiving emails, using the internet, word processing software, spread sheet software and social media. A volunteer computer teacher would be expected to contribute according to his/her level of computer skills.
Volunteer Tasks Required.
Introduction to Computer
A volunteer would help teach all computer application programs such as Ms word ,Ms excel, Ms publisher, Ms Power point, Ms access, internet and emails. The volunteer computer teacher would work together with the local teacher in providing these lessons.
IT Engineering
A volunteer computer teacher would be expected to deliver lessons according to the topics that the centre has established. A volunteer would also be expected to contribute his/her own personal skills and experience that would be applicable to this course of computer programming.
Computer Maintenance
A volunteer computer teacher would be expected to give computer maintenance lessons to these group of girls; working together as a team with the local teacher. These skills would be a great asset for them going out and look for jobs as IT professionals.
English Lessons
English is an essential language when it comes to use computer . A volunteer computer teacher would be expected to conduct English language lessons that are applicable to computer programs. These girls knows very little English.

How to apply

Send us your cover letter and CV to
Call us +255789 498980 for more information about this project.

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