Friday, June 19, 2015

Transtec,Management of the Zanzibar Non-State Actors Programme (ZANSASP) Zanzibar

Closing date: 18 Jul 2015
Required Expertise
1.NSAs Capacity Development and Social Accountability expert (Team Leader)
An Appropriate degree (Bachelor Level) in Economics, Law, Social or Political Science (or related fields), or a minim
um of 10 years relevant professional experience.
General professional experience
  • 8 years of relevant professional experience in capacity development of NSAs, including 5 years' experience with contracts implemented under EU/EDF procedures;
  • Coordination and teamwork skills as well as facilitating inter-stakeholders dialogue;
  • Proficient English essential, with demonstrated ability to report drafting and mentoring.
Specific professional experience
  • 5 years 'experience on similar projects supporting capacity development for NSAs, training of CSOs and dialogue between NSAs and partner country governments and/or local authorities;
  • Good understanding of a range of strategies and tools for NSA capacity building, evidenced by previous assignments;
  • Knowledge of EU policy with civil society and EU programmes to support civil society;
  • Previous experience with NSAs mapping/research and/or Grant-making for NSAs;
  • Previous experience in NSA capacity building in Africa would be an advantage;
  • Experience in monitoring civil society support projects would be an asset; Previous experience on EDF-programme estimates.
660 working days (3Years)
October 15, 2015
2.Grants Expert–Imprest Accounting Officer
An Appropriate degree (Bachelor Level) in Economics (Accounting, Business), Law, or Social or Political Science (or related fields) or a minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience
General professional experience
  • 8 years of relevant professional experience with civil society, including at least 5 years with contracts implemented under EU/EDF procedures, particularly in developing countries;
  • 5 years' proven experience with management of EU External Aid funded under Budget/EDF;
  • Excellent skills in English with demonstrated ability to deliver high quality written work.
Specific professional experience
The minimum requirements are:
  • At least 3 years' experience in grants mechanisms addressed to NSAs: designing, drafting, launching and evaluating calls for proposals and awarding, management and monitoring of NSAs Grants contracts;
  • Proven experience in accounting and financial monitoring of grants;
  • Proven knowledge of EDF procedures, including management of Programme Estimates as imprest accounting officer.
The preferred requirement is:
  • Previous experience in managing NSA grants in Africa would be an advantage.
All experts must be independent and free from conflicts of interest in the responsibilities they take on.
660 working days (3Years)
October 15, 2015
3.Non key experts
Profiles of the non-key experts for this contract are as follows:
  • Civil Society Experts/Field Researchers for the updating of the mapping (inception phase);
  • NSAs capacity building (training, mentoring, research, networking, etc.); strategic planning; internal governance and management capacity (operational, financial and administrative management), but also active citizenship, participation, information and communication support (including social media: integrating and using technology to promote democracy), human rights, gender, child protection, etc.
  • Design and delivery of trainings for NSAs to strengthen PCM (LogFrame, budgeting, monitoring, technical and financial reporting in line with EU rules);
  • Legal and regulatory framework for NSAs. This expert might be required to work on a regular basis;
  • Democratic transparency and accountability: budget transparency, NSAs’ role in monitoring government and donors; right and access to information, democratic accountability;
  • Facilitation of national multi-stakeholder dialogue process, etc.;
  • Gender in order to mainstream gender equality in the framework of the call for proposals and to ensure an equal gender participation in the capacity-building actions;
  • Sectoral profiles (rights of women and children, civic education, intra and interfaith dialogue, conflict prevention, energy and environment, etc.);
  • Monitoring & evaluation in order to support an internal monitoring of the programme strategy, revision/measuring of indicators, recommendations in managing on-going activities, documenting successes and failures (capitalisation), planning follow-up etc. This short-term expert will conduct field missions on a regular basis;
  • NSAs assessors to carry out the technical and financial assessment of proposals in accordance with the guidelines of the call of proposals.
  • Communication and visibility.
500 working days (2Years & 2months )
October 15, 2015
How to apply:
Kindly register your profile in our database of experts via our website To apply send your updated CV to the Project Manager by e-mail to (Mr. Vincent Okele)

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