Friday, May 29, 2015

The Small Things Inc ,Development Director Jobs in Tanzania

Job description
The Small Things is a small but rapidly growing international nonprofit based outside of Arusha, Tanzania, working with orphaned and vulnerable children and families. We are in our second year of on-the-ground operations in Tanzania, and looking for someone to take on the role of Development Director. Applicants will need to be comfortable working with others in a dy
namic, fairly independent and self-motivated work environment, and dealing with the challenges of working in the developing world. Must love kids!
The Development Director is primarily responsible for creating and managing our various fundraising approaches including the auction, Small Things Summer, as well as partnering with our Sponsorship and Communication Director on the Holiday Sponsorship Drive. They are also responsible for seeking grant opportunities and sourcing contract employees to assist with application, if they are unable to apply themselves. This position is a one year contract for $750/month with a $500 flight allowance and a $500 continuing education credit, and bonuses available for exceptional performance. This salary is negotiable for an applicant with extensive experience and background. Similarly, for the right applicant we can consider a short term stay in Tanzania followed by remote work. We encourage employees to spend at least 5 hours per week on continuing education, and cover all visa fees.
Specific Responsibilities:
  1. Fundraising
  • Maintain an international donor database with accurate and comprehensive information.
  • Manage transition from current fundraising tracking system.
  • Assist volunteers with setting up fundraising pages, with the assistance of the Volunteer Coordinator.
  1. Events
  • Assist with organizing in-person events in Tanzania and abroad
  • Take responsibility for logistics and budget for in-person events
  • Assist Communications Director with marketing plan for all events
  • Run 3 fundraising drives per year with assistance from Communications Director when necessary.
  • Website setup
  • Recruitment of fundraisers for STS
  • Auction item solicitation and fulfillment
  • Acknowledgment of donors
  • General management of campaigns
  1. Grants
  • Research relevant grant opportunities, and either apply directly or seek contract employee to apply.
  • Recruit and oversee any contract employees, and ensure quality of applications
  1. Miscellaneous Items
  • Work directly with Communications Director and assist whenever necessary
  • Report to Program Manager when asked
Required Qualifications
Bachelor's or Master's degree or equivalent experience in fundraising
At least 2 years of experience in a fundraising capacity
Experience applying for and receiving grant funds
How to apply
Please send your CV, cover letter, and documentation for either a grant received or fundraiser you have run in the past, to Only applicants shortlisted for interviews will be contacted.

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