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Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,Sports And Leadership Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Position Description
Youth in Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS, (YAAPHA), exists in order to minimize the transmission and impact of HIV/AIDS through capacity building, advocacy, information, education, communication, care and support in the municipality of Moshi.

YAAPHA needs sports program volunteers to assist them in sport training activities for the children they support. They have upgraded their sport and culture facilities in some of the Moshi communities for their talented young people. YAAPHA currently runs football (soccer) teams in Pasua and Mbokomu and they offer music and dance lessons in the Kaloleni Ward.
The organization has 10 local volunteers that regularly sport talent on the soccer grounds of Pasua. At the moment, there are 40 talented young players that meet every morning and evening at the "Pasua Grounds"of Moshi to get soccer coaching. Volunteers can assist both with finding talent and also being a soccer coach. As the organization is run completely on a voluntary bases, they cannot offer full-time activity to volunteers. Therefore, foreign volunteers during off hours may be asked to conduct sports training at the YAAPHA Centre.
A sports program volunteer at YAAPHA should have played soccer during his/her academic education and be up-to-date regarding all the soccer rules and regulations in his/her own country and agreeable to learn the soccer rules and regulations in Tanzania upon arrival in said country. The volunteer must be a mature individual who demonstrates sportsmanship through example and enjoys teaching all aspects of the game of soccer.
Volunteer Tasks Required
Soccer Training Program
A sports program volunteer for the teams at Pasua and Mbokomu would be responsible to develop and implement a soccer training program for children /Youth of all age groups. The teams consist of both male teams and female teams. The volunteer can usually choose which gender they prefer to work with.
Championship Games
The soccer teams at the Pasua and Mbokomu wards have championships games at the end of June every year. A sports program volunteer would be responsible to help develop a team attitude with the children/ youth when playing the game and a mature approach when the team wins or loses.
A sports program volunteer is the coach for the team and as such should include in their program not only the physical training necessary for success but also the importance of good nutrition to keep their bodies healthy. The volunteer must keep in mind the types of food that are country oriented and are affordable for these children/youths.
A sports program volunteer would be responsible to develop and implement fundraising campaigns. Funding is always needed for sport uniforms, shoes and soccer equipment. Include the children/ youths in these fundraising endeavours whenever possible.
Any sports program volunteers would be expected to log and report any incidents/accidents or any other concerns to the facility duty manager. Volunteers would also keep accurate records of the people who attended the lectures and sport classes and the progress of each individual who participated.

How to apply

Send as an E-mail with your Cover Letter and Resume to / also you may call /text by using this number +255789498980

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