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SOS Children's Villages International ,External Review of the Framework Programme: Strengthening effectiveness & sustainability of partner-programmes for OVC in Uganda, Ethiopia & Tanzania

SOS-Kinderdorf Österreich is looking for a team to conduct the external review of the Framework Programme 1980-07/2013 “Strengthening effectiveness and sustainability of partner-programmes for the most vulnerable children, OVC, in Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania”.
The framework programme “Strengthening effectiveness and sustainability of partner-programmes for the most vulne
rable children, OVC, in Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania” - a three year development programme of SOS-Kinderdorf and its implementing partner organisations - shall be externally reviewed until mid of 2015.
The framework programme that is 78% co-financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is running from 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2015.
The programme objectives of the framework are:
  • Overall Objective: To contribute to the global strategic objective of SOS Children’s Village 2016 to enable 600,000 children to grow in a caring family environment
  • Specific Objective: To strengthen the effectiveness and sustainability of programme responses for most vulnerable children (OVC) in Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania.
Some major strategic focus areas were identified for the Framework Programme 2013-2015 in order to make programme responses for children at risk of losing parental care (or those who have lost parental care) more efficient and sustainable. These focus areas that need more strategic attention and support are:
Strategic partnership development and networking (formal and informal);
Advocacy in general (for those countries where it is legally possible);
Resource mobilization to achieve financial sustainability and local ownership;
Further capacity building of organizational gaps identified with community based partners.
Four programme interventions have been formalized to achieve the framework programme objectives mentioned above. Overarching programme elements were budgeted within programme intervention number 1.
Programme intervention 1: “Learning groups and strategy support”
Programme intervention 2: “Strengthening effectiveness and sustainability of OVC Programme responses in Ethiopia”
Programme intervention 3: “Strengthening effectiveness and sustainability of OVC programme responses in Uganda”
Programme intervention 4: “Pilot advocacy project: A Child’s rights for quality care in Tanzania”
2.The Partners
a) Name of Organization in Austria
SOS-Kinderdorf Österreich, Stafflerstraße 10a, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria
SOS Children’s Villages International, International Office, Herman Gemeiner Straße 51, 6010 Innsbruck
b) The Implementing Partners
SOS Children’s Villages International, Regional Office for East and Southern Africa (ESAF) P.O.Box-2491, 1000 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia, Bole Sub City, Kebele 03/05, House No 2/229, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
SOS Children’s Village of Uganda Trust, P.O. Box 27510, Kampala, Uganda
SOS Children’s Villages of Tanzania Trust, Plot No. 47, Uporoto Street, Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
c) Austrian Development Agency(
The review is intended to contribute to:
  • Learning: insights and knowledge gained through the review will contribute to planning and steering of the ongoing and eventually future programme
  • Exchange of best practices between stakeholders
  • Improvement of policies of the implementing organisations, processes and methods of ongoing and eventually the future programme
  • Accountablility towards the stakeholders
  • Recommendationsfor Austrian NGO and local partner/s as well as the ADA concerning future framework programmes and cooperation
4.Objective of the Review
The main objective of the review is to revise results (output, outcome) and assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the programme. The review should present results, conclusions, lessons learnt and recommendations with regard to the programme and the implementation of the programme approach.
5. The review team
The review team will consist of at least 2 members and should have the following qualifications:
  • Proven professional expertise in monitoring and evaluation of development projects
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of governance-related projects
  • University degree in one or more of the following fields: Social sciences, Development Studies or a relevant, directly related discipline
  • High professional standard in English (spoken and written)
  • Proven experience in participatory evaluation and data collection methods
  • Skilled in questionnaire development, interview techniques and managing focus group discussions
  • Strong analytical, conceptual, communication and facilitation skills
  • Relevant regional experience in East Africa
How to apply:
The bid has to be submitted electronically until 23:59 (CET) on April 26th 2015 including a company / consultants profile, experience and references to the following emailadress:
The bid has to be in EURO, showing all taxes (Mwst/VAT) and travel or other expenses. It has to include a suggestion of the methodology, time and action plan and if necessary, suggestions and recommendations to the Terms of References.

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