Friday, April 24, 2015

Emerging Innovation ,Blogger - Financial InclusionJobs in Tanzania(East Africa )

Internship description

We are seeking to recruit new Bloggers reporting on recent developments in Financial Inclusion in a country of East Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia or Zambia. We welcome applicants based in other countries of East Africa.
The most successful Bloggers will be offered opportunities to join our team of paid print contributors.

All blog articles will be remunerated.
In recent years, emerging markets have been the theatre of the introduction of new goods, new methods of production, the opening of new markets and the conquest of new sources of supply. A large number of these innovations were brought in by multinational companies eager to conquer new customers and sources of profit. Yet the recent rise of the Global South middle class is giving way to new challenges and new opportunities; opportunities that shrewd local or diasporan entrepreneurs and innovators are seizing every day.
Emerging Innovation is a new magazine of critical perspectives on dynamic entrepreneurs and self starters emerging from across Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Blogger - Financial Inclusion, East Africa (Remunerated)
Role overview
Emerging Innovation (EI) is seeking talented students, writers, journalists and professionals who are passionate about writing and visually representing the city they live in. As an EI Blogger, you will write blog posts in the fields of financial inclusion in societies undergoing rapid economic, social, technological, environmental and spatial change.
A local correspondent on your topic of expertise, you will be able to strengthen your personal brand online, within your networks and communities and across other mediums.
This role supports Emerging Innovation's wider mission of uncovering innovation and structural changes across all fields emerging from developing and transitional economies.
  • 1 year commitment, contractually;
  • 1 blog per month (12 blogs in total over 12 months)
  • Uninterrupted internet and computer access, must check email daily;
  • Excellent English and writing skills
  • Passion for financial inclusion in developing countries
  • Access to a camera to take images in local environment, or ability to partner with local photographer (as applicable)
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Ability to work under deadlines and meet them
We will work with each blogger to ensure that the topics covered are of high interest to our community of readers and to the writer. We aim to create an environment where you can develop your skills, influence and expertise.
  • All blog articles will be remunerated;
  • Increased knowledge of your field of choice and networking opportunities with key and up-and-coming leaders in your city;
  • Branding yourself on the internet and creating exposure for job opportunities;
  • Increased comfort writing within word count constraints and improved writing skills through revisions;
  • Opportunities to join Emerging Innovation's team of full-time paid print contributors (as applicable)
How to Apply
If you are interested, please contact Marilyne Abony at Please note that only applicants who follow the directions below will be considered for the internship:
  1. Submit a Resume and a Cover Letter;
  2. Submit a writing sample covering a financial inclusion topic;
  3. Submit 3-4 specific topics you would like to specialise in;
In the subject line, put 'Blogging Internship'.
Submit your application by May 15, 2015. Positions begin on May 31st, 2015. The position is remote.

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