Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kiwengwa Nursery & Primary School ,Lead Preschool Teacher Jobs in Tanzania

Job description
Teacher Needed!
Kiwengwa Nursery & Primary School (KINS) is looking for an experienced teacher to lead our multi age preschool classroom. KINS is a small, privet non-profit school on the east coast of Zanzibar which serves students from 2 to 13 years. The preschool teacher will be responsible for a multi age classroom of children 3.5-5/6 year olds. Our school is based on the principals of cooperative learning, arts integration, individualized instruction, and multi age classrooms. We will only consider candidates who have an understanding and strong desire to work using our core values. This is a small, family-like school and we strive to provide the best education possible to our students who come from all backgrounds.
- Must be fluent in spoken and written English, native English speaker is preferred.
- Must be comfortable and willing to work with children between 2 and 13 years of age.
- Must have experience working with multiple ages in one class.
- Must be an experienced teacher with appropriate credentials, degree in education and 3+ years experience is preferred.
- Must be able to write/create learning goals and lesson plans that cater to specific student needs and conduct appropriate assessments.
- Must be flexible and willing to fill in and assist as needed at the school.
- Must be willing to collaborate and communicate with other teachers.
- Housing in Kiwengwa or travel allowance/housing stipend for living elsewhere is provided.
- Work permits/visas will be arranged and paid for by the school.
- Monthly internet allowance for school planning.
- Airport pickup and drop off provided at beginning and end of contract.
- The chosen candidate will be asked to undergo a trial period of 3 months during which time a stipend will be paid monthly.
- A modest monthly salary will be provided in addition to housing during the regular contract.
- Ideal candidates will be interested in the experience and making a difference in the lives of Zanzibar's children. Those only interested in a paycheck need not apply.
- This is a difficult job but very rewarding for the right teacher.
How to apply
For more information or to apply please send a cover letter and resume/CV via email to School Director Ashley Olson: Please apply early for best chances!!

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