Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,VOLUNTEER PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER Jobs in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

YAAPHA organization has three centers for the Tanzanian people in the regions of Tabora and Kigoma and Katavi. Ukombozi Primary School is in Urambo- TABORA for orphans or underprivilege
d children under the age of seven; Ukombozi school has approximately 1200 pupils and due to lack of funds they do not have sufficient teachers to meet all the educational requirements of it's students.(until now we have only 15 teachers and the demand is 40) Therefore, any volunteer teaching assistant would be most welcome. Volunteers are needed to do one-to-one teaching, assist teachers in their classroom activities or depending on each volunteer's past experience and maturity he/she may be asked to conduct their own classes.
Some of the compulsory subjects that a volunteer teaching assistant may be asked to conduct are mathematics, computer science or social science. The school would also welcome volunteers who would like to: participate in physical education programs or sport activities, conduct art and crafts sessions or a music appreciation session,(singing and dancing). Some of these activities may have to be arranged to be conducted during school breaks or after school. Volunteers may also be asked to help plan and participate in school events such as outings for the children.
A volunteer teaching assistant at Ukombozi Primary School is certainly needed in numerous teaching endeavors and any volunteer who is contemplating a career in the teaching field would obtain an unlimited amount of experience at this placement. It all would depend on the volunteer's efforts and commitment.
Ukombozi Primary School hopes to initiate and implement cultural exchange between Tanzania and overseas countries by developing opportunities between the school and volunteers from abroad.
Volunteer Tasks Required
Lesson Planning
A volunteer teaching assistant would work with the teachers involved to create a well structured lesson plan for the students that the volunteer would strictly adhere to. The volunteer may also discuss with the teachers at this time extracurricular activities that he/she may be interested in participating in with the pupils.
Teach in the Classroom
A volunteer teaching assistant would execute the lessons planned; ensuring that the students are understanding the material and are engaged in the lesson. If they determine that this is not the case then the volunteer would seek out the teacher involved and discuss any necessary changes.
Create Tests and Exams
Volunteer teaching assistants would prepare tests and/or exams on the subject or subjects they taught or if they were assisting a teacher in a classroom in a particular subject they would assist the teacher to prepare the tests or exams, if appropriate. After the tests or exams the volunteer would be expected to mark them and then follow-up if any lessons were needed to reinforce what was supposed to have been learned. At Ukombozi Primary School tests or exams are conducted once a month.
Tutoring & Games
A volunteer teaching assistant is always welcome to help students after school room hours who are struggling with any of the material you or other teachers have been teaching them. During breaks, it would also be appreciated if the volunteer participated in school games or if the volunteer taught the students new games, especially those that incorporate the English language.

How to apply

Send us an E-mail to yaapha2011@gmail.com / to the Project Coordinator peterbundala@gmail.com. OR call us +255789 498 980

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