Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Youth In Action Against Poverty and HIV/AIDS ,VOLUNTEER SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER Volunteer Opportunity in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

The Anna Mkapa Secondary School is one of the affordable school in Tanzania( Having 890 Students and 14 Teachers). We minimized their school fees so that the majority of children living in the Kilimanjaro region can afford to attend their school. Now we provide teaching from level one to four which includes children from approximately thirteen to seventeen years of age.
Volunteer teaching assistants
are needed at this placement to assist the teachers in all subjects that the volunteers are capable of teaching. Volunteers would be given the school curriculum in advance in order to be able to review it and see where they best can assist.
The list of subjects taught are: mathematics, science, geography, English, civics and history. This requires a load of work for the teachers in preparing lessons in all subjects for all the levels of education at the school. Volunteers would be expected to help the teachers prepare lessons and deliver them.
Teaching the English language at secondary school is when students from the public school system first are introduced to English language courses. This is not necessarily the case of students from private primary schools.
A volunteer teaching assistant at this placement does not need to have a teaching certificate or previous experience in teaching but must be a mature individual who is willing to participate in any of the numerous teaching endeavors. Any volunteer who is contemplating a career in the teaching field would obtain an unlimited amount of experience at this placement. It all would depend on the volunteer's efforts and commitment.
Volunteer Tasks Required
Teach English
A volunteer teaching assistant at the school would be expected to teach the English language courses. This would include English grammar and the speaking and writing of the English language. Most of the students require a great deal of assistance in this subject as it is the learning of a second language skill.
Teach Science, Geography & Math.
The school would appreciate assistance from the volunteers in teaching science subjects (biology, chemistry and Physics), as well as geography and mathematics. We don't have enough teachers for these subjects so the teachers are forced to alternate subjects throughout the day.
Homework Assignments
Teaching is the basic reason for your going to the school so as a volunteer you would be providing teaching assistant to the students by: helping them better understand what was taught in class, giving them assignments and making sure they do it. It is one of the most efficient ways of finding out how much they understood of the lessons taught that day.
Prepare Lesson Materials
Prepare lesson materials, bulletin board displays, exhibits and demonstrations for classes. A volunteer teaching assistant would be expected to discuss with the local teachers the lessons he/she has prepared for the week.

How to apply

Send us E-mails to yaapha2011@gmail.com or To the Project Coordinator peterbundala@gmail.com OR call us +255789 498 980

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