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Maji Safi Group ,Programs Manager Jobs in Australia

Job description

The Programs Manager (PM) will be responsible for directing and organizing the implementation of Maji Safi Group programs in the Rorya District of Tanzania. The PM will maximize available resources to implement all program components according to established pol
icies and procedures. Additionally, the PM will provide leadership in program planning, implementation and evaluation along with coordinating and administrating program activities and supportive management systems.
Position: Programs Manager
Location: Shirati, Tanzania
Position Type: Full-time
In line with the mission of the MSG, Female Candidates are significantly preferred for the Program Manager position.
Planning and Day- to-Day responsibilities
  • Develop plans for community awareness and the Community Health Workers of MSG
  • Work closely with the Director of Operations and serve as an interface between the leadership team, community health workers, staff, and community.
  • Create and execute project work plans and revise them as appropriate to meet changing needs.
  • Assist in developing, coordinating and managing the program's overall work plan and schedule of activities
  • Facilitate and coordinate workshops pertaining to the programs.
  • Manage MSG programs and office operations and ensure that the programs logistical considerations (travel plans, work plans/scheduling, etc.) are handled appropriately by Maji Safi Group staff
  • Help create a workspace that thrives on creativity, happiness, and continuous learning.
  • Understand the requirements of the programs and ensure that work proceeds on schedule.
  • Analyze needs as the programs evolve, and share challenges and best practices to be adopted.
  • Efficiently and competently manage problems and create new plans with the assistance of the leadership team
  • Oversee the proper assembly of assets/materials/equipment required for team/stakeholders to perform tasks and ensures proper use of the same.
  • Writing invitation letters, information and other hand-outs
Evaluation and Reporting
  • Facilitate the effective assessment and evaluation of the programs to monitor their impact
  • In collaboration with the accountant, report on the progress of the programs, milestones, budget and expenditures regularly
  • In collaboration with the Director of Operations, collect and maintain proper data and records on the programs
  • Write monthly, quarterly, and annual program reports for the Director of Operations, stakeholders and leadership team
  • Ensure the programs documents are complete and stored appropriately
  • Coordinate/carry out situation analysis, needs assessments, research studies, monitoring analysis, etc.
Financial Responsibilities
  • Manage project budget, financial plan and monitoring of expenses
  • Prepare with the Maji Safi Group Accountant, monthly financial reports and fund requests
  • Ensure timely and accurate accounting, including invoices, inventory and receivables for programs
  • Work directly with Accountant to reconcile accounts.
  • Maintain strong systems to facilitate smooth and effective internal communication between program stakeholders
  • Maintain strong systems for documentation and external communication
  • Hold regular meetings with Community Health Workers, Tanzanian volunteers, community members, and government officials to monitor the impact of the programs and the needs of the community.
  • In collaboration with the Director of Operations, keep staff well informed of changes within the organization.
  • Effectively communicate relevant information about the programs to the Director of Operations.
  • Deliver engaging, informative, well-organized presentations and workshops.
Identify/strengthen potential partnerships
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and Director of Operations engage with community stakeholders and to help develop a strategy for partnerships
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and Director of Operations, develop and maintain strong working relationships with key Tanzanian government, business, educational institution, civil society and community stakeholders
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and Director of Operations hold planning, progress and review meetings with government counterparts and other relevant partners.
  • In collaboration with the Executive Director and Director of Operations, represent Maji Safi Group in meetings and liaise with NGOs, government bodies, donors, and stakeholders, to advocate and promote the goals and objectives of the organization and common standards in the field
  • Develop training programs and assist in capacity building for staff and partners within the core areas of focus of Maji Safi Group

How to apply

i) University Degree/ Advanced Diploma majoring in Community Development, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Public Health or a related field from a recognized higher learning institution.
ii) Post graduate training in WASH/public health is an advantage
iii) Practical work experience (minimum 3 years) in implementing community development programs in Tanzania is mandatory. Experience in health promotion, WASH, public health, and/or social work is preferred.
iv) High proficiency in English reading, writing, and speaking as well as being a native Swahili speaker is mandatory.
Personal Attributes:
In addition to the above skills and qualifications, applicants for the above positions are required to have the following attributes:
i) A very high level of integrity, honesty and sense of responsibility; ii) Ability to work under pressure and produce expected results; iii) Ability to work in a small and dynamic team; iv) Ability to self-manage, achieve results and meet deadlines; and v) Willingness to work beyond the call of duty.
A base salary range of 650,000 – 800,000 TSH per month will be offered to the right candidate for the position. MSG is an equal opportunity employer. Staff will be employed on a two to three (2-3) years contract that is renewable upon satisfactory performance.
Please submit via email the following:
  • Cover letter, Curriculum Vitae (CV), scanned copies of certificates, and at least two references (include their name, relation, and contract information). It is mandatory that at least one reference is a former employer.
The application process will be rolling through Febuary 24th 2015
Only short-listed candidates meeting the above criteria will be invited for interview. Lobbying and canvassing for employment will not be entertained and may work to the candidate's disadvantage.
Applications letter should be sent to the email address shown below:
For more information please see our website:

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