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Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania ,School Coordinator Job Vacancy in Tanzania

Job description

IEFT is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States that supports on-going education programs in rural Tanzania, East Africa.
Through the highest-quality holist
ic education, we equip youth to become leaders in their communities. In collaboration with village members, we build and operate community-based secondary schools serving families who live in extreme poverty with little or no opportunity to gain a formal education. Our goal is to build a network of schools that embrace a holistic approach to learning.
IEFT's main responsibility is to sustain the operations of our first project, Orkeeswa School. Opened in 2008, Orkeeswa School is located in an under-served Maasai community in the Monduli Hills of northern Tanzania. By providing free education within the village, Orkeeswa offers the only opportunity for most of our students to continue education past the primary level. Orkeeswa is committed to creating co- educational learning environments, where boys and girls learn side by side – empowering young women and promoting gender equality.
Orkeeswa currently supports a student body of 226 students. The school is supported by annual sponsorship of individual students as well as through foundation grants and general donations.
Job Description
The role of the School Coordinator is to work alongside other members of the Leadership Team at Orkeeswa School to ensure the smooth running of the school in all its aspects and to ensure that the school's academic potential is being achieved. He/she is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and is directly accountable to the Headmaster. He/she should deputise for the Headmaster and the Second Master in their absence and should be a role model and an example to other members of staff maintaining a high professional standard at all times.
Leadership Team responsibilities:
  • Work alongside the Academic Master to develop and implement the strategic plan for raising academic achievement – goal setting, monitoring and evaluation
  • Work alongside the Headmaster and other Leaders to oversee the academic staff – performance, punctuality, attendance, participation etc.
  • Work alongside the Executive Leadership team to identify future staffing needs, and participate in the recruitment process of teachers
  • Work with the Headmaster to provide clear job descriptions and ensure that teaching staff know what is expected of them
  • Participate with other Leaders in the Performance Review process
  • Work alongside other Leaders to oversee the development and implementation of all school policies and procedures, particularly as they relate to the academic life of the school
  • Work with other Leaders in making decisions regarding student recruitment, retention and progression
  • Attend and participate in Leadership Meetings
  • Attend and participate in Academic Committee meetings
Day to day responsibilities:
  • Monitor attendance of teachers and organize cover for those who are absent
  • Follow up on any long term or frequent teacher absence, establish reasons and work with them to improve attendance
  • Monitor the teaching and learning process – through the process of formal and informal lesson observations and performance review
  • Monitor the performance of teachers in their other responsibilities – such as provision of extra classes and study sessions
  • Organize the school daily transport for teaching staff
Specific Responsibilities:
  • Oversee the work of the Academic Master in the delivery of professional development for teachers and provide support where required
  • Identify teachers who are struggling to maintain the standard of teaching expected and work with them to make the necessary improvements
  • Work with the Academic Master to ensure that the school is providing a curriculum which is appropriate for all students and guide students to make appropriate course choices
  • Analyze all data to identify trends across subjects and classes to identify any areas of weakness in the teaching and learning process
  • Work with the Academic Master to analyze and evaluate monthly assessment data and monitor individual student performance
  • With the Academic Master and the Student Coordinator, identify struggling students and develop IEPs for improving individual student performance
  • Work with the Student Coordinator and Activities Coordinator to ensure that appropriate, meaningful and focused after-school support programs are being provided for struggling students – and monitor
  • Work with the Student Coordinator to oversee and monitor the role of Class Teachers
  • Work with the Leadership team to provide counsel and guidance to school leavers – at the end of Form 4 and Form 6
  • Organize the extra class schedule for Saturdays and holidays
  • Write a school timetable that meets at least the minimum requirements for the national curriculum and provides time for enrichment and other school activities
  • Make amendments to the school timetable as required – such as when new teaching staff are employed
  • Work with the Academic Master in the ordering and purchasing of teaching resources and text books etc.
  • Work with the Headmaster to compile the School Calendar – including term dates, public holidays, significant meetings and other school events
  • Oversee the organization of field trips to ensure that they meet the requirements of the school and meet appropriate health and safety standards
Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Experiences:
  • Master's Degree in Education or a related field
  • International work/life experience in developing country
  • Previous leadership experience in an academic environment
  • An adventerous and experienced educator who is an advocate for experiential learning
  • Flexible, thrives in challenging environments, good communication skills

How to apply

Please submit all of the following materials to
  • Cover letter, including an expression of interest: Why do you want to work with IEFT and Orkeeswa School? What is it about this position that interests you? Why are you the right person for this role?
  • Resume, including three professional references (current or former employees)

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