Thursday, January 15, 2015

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad ,Zanzibar Community Outreach Volunteer Opportunity in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description

Volunteer in beautiful Jambiani and help the local community!

About the Project

This project is aimed at the development of Jambiani. Volunteers can contribute to a number of different projects throughout town which help the local community. These include working in the educational system, assisting with environmental projects, and teaching at the tourism training center. A special focus is given to teaching English to the local community and improving the fluency of children of all ages as well as their teachers.

Volunteer Work and Contribution

Volunteer involvement in local schools
You will have the opportunity to volunteer at the primary and secondary schools in Jambiani. While the educational system in the community is ill-equipped, the students understand the importance of education and have a very strong desire to learn. You will assist the local students and teachers by:
  • Teaching English to children, teachers, and local adults
  • Developing the children's creative skills through crafts such as painting, drawing, and coloring
  • Playing developmental games with the children
  • Organizing and coordinating sports afternoons with the scholars
  • Helping to maintain and repair the facilities
Local tourism training institute
Tourism is considered to be a valuable industry in Zanzibar. Volunteers will work in the tourism training center to help train locals in skills relevant to the tourism business. This will help them attain jobs so that they can support their families. Participants can help at the center by assisting in the following:
  • Teaching keyboarding
  • Teaching English
  • Life-skills teaching
  • Training students in basic administrative tasks
  • Training students in basic computer skills e.g. CV writing
  • Assisting and supervising students in cooking classes and food & beverage management
  • Assisting and supervising students in practical classes ('role-play', handling money, etc)


Join now for the experience of a lifetime!!

How to apply

To apply please see the apge Tanzania - Zanzibar Community Outreach on our website or email us at for more information!

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