Wednesday, December 17, 2014

United Global Volunteers International ,Volunteer in Tanzania

Volunteer Opportunity description
Thank-you for taking your time toread. welcome United Global Volunteers International
United Global Volunteers International is a Non Governmental networking
volunteer Organization comprised of individuals from all facets of Career
industry driven by innovation and progress in developing local communities
and creating the opportunity for people to network, make key contacts &
develop solid industry relationships while exchanging vital resources &
support for community & care
er growth through Volunteering.
In all our endeavors, United Global Volunteers International has remained
a non-profit, volunteer networking organization comprised of individuals
from all facets of Career industry from across the Globe to reach people
and network for individual and community growth. We understand that few
of us make it without the help and support of a team of other people (a
"network"). Our purpose is to create the opportunity for people to make
key contacts and develop solid industry relationships while exchanging
vital resources and providing support for community and career growth. If
we are to achieve results never before accomplished, we must expect to
employ methods never before attempted. Implementation is the key to our
success. Call us developers, sponsors, feeders, social workers,
volunteers, campaigners, crusaders; supporters, we all do it to Empower
Communities, it's all about people and government, working together to
make life better. It involves more people taking responsibility, tackling
local problems and being able to influence decisions about their
communities. To us, the key ingredients to community empowerment will
entitle Participation of active citizens, Empowered and Strengthened
communities, and Partnership with public bodies. It's all about the power
of people like us to do extraordinary things. People like us support give
part of their time, energy and resources, it's the proof of our
collective potential to change the world. As essential driver of
progress, we believe that we are the engine of growth, harnessing
opportunity fuel economic growth in our society. We target volunteer work
to projects in communities who are conscious of the state they are in and
doing something about their present condition, creating established and
empowered communities. Together, we will create outstanding generation
with potential to face life challenges without regard to race, tribe,
color, religion, sex, nationality, citizenship, veteran status, age,
disability, sexual orientation or any other category protected by the
universal declaration of human rights. In our programs on achievement,
you learn to unlock your full potential, set goals and priorities right,
make plans for your work and personal life, and increase your
effectiveness and success, getting better results in everything you do.
It's about people helping people
To unite the globe into a world free of disease, poverty and suffering
To unite the globe into a world free of Disease, Poverty & Suffering,
Promoting Environmental Sustainability, Human rights and Good Governance
and mitigation of HIV/AIDs and Disease through volunteerism
• Professionalism
• Integrity
• Accountability
• Reliability
• Responsibility
• Promptness
• Fairness
• Truthfulness &
• Non-compromising
Everyone is welcome to partner volunteer. While you are here, you are
among friends. Our staff is at your disposal to assist you in any way
We run volunteer programs in over 15 countries giving support to projects
and interns as well as creating safety and conducive environment for all
volunteers and people involved. We protect rights of volunteers and serve
their well being while in our service. It's our duty to place our clients
to the field of their choice. We invite all people from all facets of
career industry to special programs.
we are working in the areas of education, medical/health care, women's and
children's issues and rural development - to offer meaningful internships,
volunteer forums for eager, industrious individuals.
we run different volunteer forums but majorly local and international
placements. we have qualified staff who attend to your needs at different
levels when and where needed.
Volunteers are required to choose a role in a given center to assist in
any of the following...lets say for example want to serve in a children home ..roles may be any of the following but not limited to
1.feeding children their meals
3.teaching primary school
4.sporty activities
5.mentor-ship work
7.administration assistance among others
As an international volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you're making
a positive contribution, by sharing in the goals of a community that
warmly welcomes you
How to apply

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