Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Interchurch Medical Assistance ,Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Job Vacancy in Tanzania

IMA is currently seeking candidates for a program to support interventions designed to reduce the prevalence of stunting among children under the age of five. The anticipated DFID-funded five year project in Tanzania will support the Ministry of Health (MOH) in five regions and will specifically aim to 1) support interventions to build knowledge, change attitudes, strengthen practice and expand services in order to prevent low birth weight and stunting 2) retrain facility and community resource persons to ensure community engagement 3) deliver overall nutrition components 4) build capacity for planning, programming, budgeting and financial management to sustainab
ly address stunting. This position will develop and support detailed impact projections for sector strategies and support interventions, regarding the programmatic goals assigned by DFID.
  • Maintain a strong monitoring and data collection system that ensures accurate data capture, collation and report generation, including the development of relevant databases templates, forms and other data systems for program staff to improve their analytical capacities and contribute data to the M&E system
  • Gather appropriate baseline data to inform key M&E processes
  • Prepare reports as needed to support internal decision making, communication with stakeholders and partners, and reporting to DFID
  • Inform DFID-led annual reviews by required reports and monitoring information
  • Play an integral role in data analysis, and contribute to the writing and reviewing of the final reports to DFID
  • Provide technical leadership for the team in areas of evaluation design, statistics, survey design, and analysis of results
  • Assist the Project Leader in writing final reports
The position requires a competent and experienced person with the following attributes:
  • A minimum of a Master’s Degree in monitoring and evaluation, research methodology, or a related field
  • Five years of professional experience in implementing and/or monitoring and evaluating nutrition programs in developing countries, particularly in Tanzania, or in similar socio-economic environments
  • Strong analytical understanding of nutrition in Tanzania at the local and regional levels
  • Strong track record of designing, implementing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative research, demonstrating ability to employ a range of different and innovative methodologies
  • Strong qualitative and quantitative skills
  • Extensive exp erience in the development of a DFID log-frame
  • Experience in training and coordinating a mix of implementing partners and community workers for data collection and analysis
  • Develop and support the creation of detailed impact projections for sector strategies and support interventions
  • Demonstrated written communication skills
  • Prior experience on DFID activities strongly preferred
  • Regional experience and/or in the Tanzania context is strongly preferred
  • Ability to travel within the country, region, and internationally as needed
How to apply:
All interested parties should send their CV to the following email address: douglasbennink@imaworldhealth.org

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