Thursday, December 18, 2014

Accounting for International Development Social Enterprise Investing in Local Communities Through Macrocredits

Our partner is a newly created organisation working to reduce poverty in rural Africa by investing in ‘Village Companies’ (locally led companies creating shared value through businesses that meet local market need). They offer macrocredits (customised low-interest loans), finance and business expertise, and access to markets. The local companies are supported within their district by a business incubator funded by our partner organisation.
The project started towards the e
nd of 2008 and in November 2009, they had their first incubator up-and-running. Through this incubator they are currently supporting two village companies, and are hoping to expand this number to 15 in 2015. Local businesses can apply to become ‘Village Companies’; they currently have a backlog of 20 applications, but have held off assessing these whilst they refine their application process to ensure that they are able to identify the right people with the right commitment, whilst bearing the local context and politics in mind.
They are seeking the support of a volunteer firstly to help set up accounting processes and financial controls for them, helping set up Quickbooks, and training local staff in its use. Secondly, they are looking to coordinate the incubator’s accounts with those of the organisation. The idea would be to split the volunteer's time between Arusha (where our partner is) and Babati (where the incubator is based).
They would ideally like the volunteer to join them in March for 2 - 3 Weeks. Accommodation is available either cost free homestay or in affordable guesthouses.
How to apply:
See more of the world we live in - send your CV to or call +44(0)208 741 7000

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