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Islamic Help ,Children Eco Village Director Job Vacancy in Tanzania

 Closing date: 31 Mar 2015
  •  A truly unique opportunity for Volunteers!
Are you fed up of mundane life and want to experience something unique to help disadvantaged children in Africa? Are you dreaming about adventure of your life, living in rich natural environment among rural community of Africa! Here is the opportunity you have been awaiting!
Introduction of Islamic Help
Islamic Help is a UK registered charity and international NGO established in 2003 by a group of young people determined to make a difference to the lives of those afflicted by poverty and suffering. Islamic Help is non-patrician and believes in serving afflicted h
umanity irrespective of cast, color, nationality or religion.
Islamic Help has been working in Tanzania since 2007 striving for sustainable development of communities through various projects covering, sustainable livelihood, food security, water supply and sanitation, environmental sustainability, education, orphan care and sponsorships and emergency relief. Islamic Help Tanzania’s life changing initiatives not only support beneficiaries, but also contribute towards Tanzania’s national plan of action for the most vulnerable children and Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s). Please read more at
Orphans in Africa
The HIV/AIDS epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa has orphaned a generation of children – and now seems set to orphan generations more. Today, over 25 million children under the age of 15 living in sub-Saharan Africa have been robbed of one or both parents by HIV/AIDS. Tragically, the number of orphans in sub-Saharan Africa will continue to rise in the years ahead, due to the high proportion of Sub-Saharan African adults already living with HIV/AIDS and the continuing difficulties in expanding access to life-prolonging anti-retroviral treatment. But, it is not inevitable that these children should be left to suffer twice, denied their rights because they are orphaned.
The Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Social Welfare estimates that there are 2.5 million orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania, of which only about 6% receive external support. In most cases these orphans are passed over from one relative to other and at the end are left to mend for herself/himself or serving as house maid. There is an urgent need to increase access to and improve the quality of essential support services for orphan and vulnerable children. These essential services include, shelter; nutrition supplements; education and health; and psycho-social counseling.
Children Eco Village:
Children’s Eco Village is truly innovative and unique!
Situated at Kisemvuleu village in Mkuranga District just an hour drive from Dar Es Salam in Tanzania. The Children’s Eco village is a green, clean, pleasant and productive village for 160 orphans aims to provide a homely environment where the care and affection through the ‘mother’ and the community spirit of the village will enable the character of the child to be molded to adopt the emerging global environment with a unique personality. The village is self-sufficient in food, solar electricity, based on 16 proposed housing units, covering an area of 30 acres.
Eco Village has some amazing feature, such as solar energy driven houses and boreholes, tree house, thousands of trees including passion, cashew nut, jacks fruit, food forest, bee-hives, many fish ponds, chickens and duck farm, livestock’s and much more.
The Eco village will provide individualized care to promote the development, education and health of each child. Set in 30 acres of lush green surroundings the village will have 16 homes, a sports ground, a playground, a community centre, a library, a training centre and a permaculture farm. With its emphasis on sustainability and almost total reliance on green energy, the Children’s Eco Village will be truly innovative and self-sustaining. We have completed two houses hosting 20 disadvantaged orphans kids. Please follow the following link for further information
Main responsibility:
Your presence will provide these orphaned children with the attention and mental stimulation that all children need to develop healthy social skills and self-confidence. Volunteer work in African orphanages can make huge impact on both you and the orphans you live with.
These disadvantaged children are counting on volunteers like you to help build their world, will look up to you for guidance, while disadvantaged children might need your help to complete even the simplest of tasks. There are a range of exciting programme at Eco village which needs your attention to make it grow and self-sufficient.
You will be overall in charge of the Eco Village supervising 20 staff members working in different fields such as trees nursery, food forest, security but more importantly you will provide motherly love and care to orphan’s children living in the houses helping them grow confident and productive human being. You are also supposed to raise resources for expansion of Eco village facilities with help of Head of Programme and our fundraising team in UK.
Specific role and responsibilities:
The Eco Village Director will be responsible for:
  • Responsible for leadership and co-ordination of all village activities
  • To work with the Eco village community adapting and promoting a culture of Eco-friendly living
  • Develop and implement Eco-friendly alternatives on building construction, energy consumption at affordable rates
  • To support the care-giver (mother) and ensure the well-being of all the Eco-village families
  • To lead the financial and administrative functions of the Eco-village
  • To promote personal and professional development of the Eco-village workers and staff
  • To provide training, guidance and support to workers
  • To implement Eco village SOPs and ensuring staff understand and adhere to standards.
  • To recruit, replace Eco Village worker and review their performance on regular basis.
  • Give one on one attention to the children at the orphanage and assist with much needed life skills development
  • Get involved with fun sporting activities and teaching children English language
  • Help create sustainable initiatives for the growth and development of Eco Village
  • Play a role in the conservation efforts at Eco village through conservation education
  • To represent the Eco-village in the community
Branding, networking and fundraising for Eco Village
· The Village Director will help set up exclusive website for Eco village as per guideline from Head of Programme.
· T]he Village Director will use social media for networking and raising funds, in kind aid from individuals, groups and foundations.
· The Village Director will submit concept note and proposal from organization/ institutions in consultation with Head of Programme.
Child Protection The village director will ensure adhere/ implementation to IH child protection policy in letter and spirit making sure all children at Eco village are in safe environment.
What are we looking for:
We are looking forward to energetic and dynamic personality who has genuine fondness of children, and who want to experience a life-changing opportunity to help develop underprivileged children’s skills and equip them for a brighter future in further education.
You can impact the lives of numerous orphaned children in Eco-Village by donating your time and energy for this great work. This is a hugely fulfilling role.
  • Minimum age 25 years. No maximum age limit.
  • A criminal record check from the country of origin.
  • Passionate like mother, leader and willing to work hard to build the village as planned.
  • Willingness to learn permaculture and basic agriculture to promote productivity of Eco Village.
  • Excellent spoken and written skills in English and ability to produce simple situational reports as and when needed.
  • Ability to effectively use social media for networking and fundraising for the Eco Village
  • Background in NGOs work would be an advantage or education in agriculture, landscaping, civil engineering and architectures.
What we offer:
  • Visa for Tanzania
  • Return ticket after once a year time
  • Your food and monthly allowance of up-to 500 USD per month
  • Accommodation: Volunteer house in the Eco house and simple residence
  • Your transport to Our office in Dar Es Slaam and back to Eco- Village
  • Laptop and internet for communication (USB Internet)
  • Occasional visits to field areas of Islamic Help Tanzania
  • Participation in occasional fundraising dinners, team meetings, training's.
Islamic Help will also facilitate you:
  • Complete information about our organization and Eco Village Project
  • Full support and weekly guidance from the Head of Programme
  • In-country orientation or training on Child Protection
  • Reimbursement for all your official assignments
Minimum of one year commitment, but we would appreciate long term commitment with the cause. The assignment will start from January 2015.
Why to volunteer in Tanzania:
Tanzania is no doubt one of Africa's most fascinating countries, one of the most secure and peaceful in Africa in terms of aid work. You will experience Masai life, head off for safari at the N'gorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara, trek the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and then chill out on the beaches of Zanzibar or go hunting with the Hadzabe tribe. More important you will enjoy unique natural environment at Eco Village and a truly amazing bond with needy children.
The climate of Tanzania is best described as tropical although this varies from region to region. Along the coast the weather is quite humid whereas further inland it is notably cooler, especially during the evenings in the mountainous areas. The warmest time of the year to visit Tanzania is December through to March with the cooler months being June through October.
Tanzania has two rainy seasons. The lighter short rains fall during November and December and occasionally into January and the heavier long rains have their downpour March to May.
How to apply:
Please read all the instructions carefully and send your resume and motivational letter to (
For further queries please feel free to contact directly Mr. Amjad Khan Head of Programme (Skype: amjad.tanoli ) or emails (

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