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UNHCR Associate External Relations Officer Job Vacancy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Job Title: (JPO) Associate External Relations Officer
Job ID: 6767
Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania-U.R.Of
APA Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania-U.R.Of
Salary Grade: P2
Hardship Level: C
Family Type Location: Family

Eligible Applicants
This position is opened in the context of the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) scheme sponsored by the Government of Belgium, and is addressed exclusively to Belgian and European Union citizens. Candidates must be under 33 years of age by 31 December 2011 and must have completed successfully the "CIG - cycle d'information générale" organised by BTC - Belgian Development Agency.
Representative, Mr. Oluseyi Bajulaiye.
Setting objectives for the incumbent and periodically ensuring that these objectives are being met.
Reviewing and correcting (if necessary) all documents produced by the incumbent.
Frequent discussions with the incumbent to ensure that s/he understands the work being carried out.
Frequent discussions to ensure that the incumbent is comfortable with the tasks and the work environment and that there is no undue pressure or stress, either at work or outside work.
Career counseling with the incumbent.

Duties and Qualifications
To create greater awareness, understanding and support for the UNHCR country programme amongst Tanzanian policy makers, donors, UN agencies and NGOs active in Tanzania through production and dissemination of information on the refugee issue and UNHCR.
To provide the general public with objective information on the refugee situation in Tanzania undertake initiatives aimed at countering growing hostility and xenophobia towards refugees and Newly Naturalized Tanzanians (NNTs) in the country.
Collect and draft required information for the production and dissemination of regular updates on the refugee situation and the UNHCR programme in Tanzania.
Contribute to the production of situation reports, press releases , pamphlets and articles for internal and/or external distribution.
To maintain relations and coordinate activities with the Government, other UN agencies, embassies and NGOs in order to promote/implement UNHCR's objectives and activities.
To facilitate unhindered access of missions to the refugee camps in Tanzania and co-ordinate all incoming missions. Organise missions to the field and press briefings for external parties as required to promote/implement UNHCR objectives.
To maintain the media contacts through regular exchanges with the leading media institutions in the country, through press briefings and through organising media missions to the field.
To provide interviews and statements for media. Assist in establishing and maintaining close work relationships with television, radio and news agencies and keep them regularly informed on UNHCR activities to ensure appropriate media coverage whenever needed.
To draft updates and briefing notes on the operation for external and internal purposes as required.
To follow up on various issues on behalf of the Representative, provide analysis and background information for decision making as required and liaise with other functions within the office as well as with external partners as necessary
Ensure regular distribution of information material to institutions and individuals to keep them up to date on the latest developments of UNHCR programmes
Perform any other related duties that may be required.

Master degree in Social or Political Sciences, Literature, Languages or related subjects.
Experience: A minimum of two years of relevant work experience. Prior experience in external relations, media or public information field highly desirable. Familiarity with the UN in general and UNHCR in particular also desirable.
Skills: Good communication skills in particular fluency in English. Pronounced and proven writing skills essential. French desirable. Some knowledge of Kiswahili would be useful.

Applicants must have completed and succeeded the CYCLE D'INFORMATION GENERALE (CIG) organised by the Belgium Development Agency (BTC).

Applicants must have Belgium or European Union citizenship. Applicants should not have reached their 33rd birthday by 31 December 2011.

Training Components
On-the-job training while the incumbent carries out a specific function at the Branch Office
Field exposure while the incumbent visits the refugee camps.
Briefings from supervisors and colleagues.
Attending workshops and seminars on refugee issues and communications/public information issues.
Attending external training courses if possible.
Attend meetings concerning the functioning of the Office.

Learning Elements:

By the end of one year assignment, the incumbent will have acquired:
Skills to draft and present reports and correspondence on refugee issues.
Skills to represent UNHCR in various fora, including amongst other UN agencies, donors, Tanzanian policy makers, media.
Understand and address substantive issues concerning the UNHCR operation in Tanzania and in general.
Skills to organize and conduct training on refugee matters for media or other target groups.
Ability to deal with high work pressure and multi tasking.

Additional Information
UNHCR Tanzania assists amongst the largest number of refugees in Africa. The operation is co-ordinated from the Branch Office in Dar es Salaam and the UNHCR Field Offices in Kasulu, Kigoma, Mpanda and Field Units Mishamo, Ulyankulu, supported by the logistical outpost in Mwanza and an Antenna Office in Issaka for supplies.

UNHCR Tanzania has currently a total of 184 staff members (30 international and 126 nationals and 26 United Nations volunteers).

Local Integration Program:

Old Settlements: Following the naturalization of the 1972 Burundian refugees, activities are in place for preparation of the Local Integration Programme which includes sensitization of local communities, demarcation of land for integration; etc. The Government of Tanzania is currently holding consultations on the way forward with regards to the planned relocation and local integration of 162,156 former Burundian Refugees from 1972 who have been naturalized. The Relocating Citizens are sought to move from three old settlements in western Tanzania to 16 selected receiving regions where they are to receive their citizenship certificates. UNHCR is ready to provide local integration support at district level for the naturalized population and seeks to engage development actors.

Villages: 22,337 Burundian refugees from 1972 spontaneously settled in villages in Kigoma region have been registered and verified in 2010 for durable solutions. The process to facilitate their application for naturalization is still to be worked out. 141 voluntary repatriated to Burundi since the beginning of 2011.

Chogo Settlement: Since 2005, 1,423 Somali Bantus in Chogo Settlement, Tanga region, were also granted citizenship and were allowed to settle permanently in Tanzania. The further 1,515 Somali Bantu refugees are being processed for the same durable solution.

UN Delivering as One: UNHCR is participating in the Delivering as One pilot in Tanzania ¿ the UNDAP. As the lead agency of the UNDAP Program Working Group on Refugees, UNHCR will provide strategic leadership and direction on international protection, including assistance to refugees, local integration of former refugees, and the establishment of efficient and fair asylum and migration systems in line with international norms and standards.

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